Happy Easter

Happy Easter


The sideboard in the dining room decorated for Easter celebrations.

We are hoping from a reprieve from the rain today, but even if not, the daffodils are finally open and the forsythia is in bright yellow bloom. The Magnolia is just beginning to open as well.

I hope everyone has a fine Sunday and if you celebrate Easter a grand holiday as well.

I Hope the Easter Bunny visits you or at the very least any adorable animal


Happy Spring


Happy Easter, Donna! I love your daffodils and pansies!

Thanks @ruth-girl Our daffs just started to open , so I had to bring some in for the day. I love pansies too, and at this time they're pretty much all we can get at the garden centers before the early perennials roll in, but I love them in pots with moss I collect on my walks, My pockets are always full of the stuff :)

Happy Easter to you too @donnadavisart! Here it is sunny all weekend so we'll certainly try to enjoy as much of that as possible :-) Hope the rain left, and if not, you did well on the decorations and there's more time to appreciate that with a cup of tea in your hands <3

Happy Easter @soyrosa ! We have had rain all week and were meant to have it through the day, but it actually stopped and we were able to enjoy some outdoor time and watch the sea. And the Osprey and Egrets are back for the season, so we watched them gathering seaweed and such for their nests!

I hope you had a lovely day.

A belated Happy Easter to you and yours :)

I wish I could have made more of the days off :) but I could take at least some deserved rest, belated happy easter to you :)