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RE: Brewery Vignettes (Original B&W Photography)

in #photography5 years ago

Howdy @fotosdenada thats a great idea to having a tour in a brewery, guess had to do the same in some here in Andalusia might be funny.
The pictures had their own charming look in B&W its strange to think behind the bottle in the manufacturing of all, see the old instruments its an amazing scenery.
And the new filling station is for sure from my home country like the sign "KRONES" shows me they are the worldmarket leader in that market, made in Germany sometimes this message is still true ;)

with sunny greetings from Andalusia
Don T


Thanks! It was fun to bring the "wrong" lens for the job, too!

The brewery still has strong ties to its German heritage, so it doesn't surprise me that they purchased German equipment. Back in the early 1900's, they had a huge copper brewing kettle hand-made in Germany and sent to the USA. It was absurdly expensive at the time.

uuh yeah that is a huge investment with the brewing kettle, but people who is working with alcohol is often doing very silly things if you know what I mean ;)

And about the wrong lens don´t worry about that, the pictures are fine as they are, good job -that´s it-

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