#5 Beautiful spring - our garden 🌹🥀 🌺 🌼

in photography •  10 months ago

Photos of flowers and crops from our garden. 🌻 🌷

Every year we plant our own vegetables, which are much better quality than those bought in stores, mass produced.
My parents have a huge garden and orchards and what we do not have we get from them. 🙏















See you in the next post ✋😊

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Wow you have an abundant garden sir. I love flowers. And you have a lot of beautiful flowers 👍👍


Hei man..thats awesome..the another activity by @dominik.homa at home, Ithink its include for homesteading ya, thats great in Aceh also we plant some vegetables and also flower in front of home, beautiful paradise at home :D


Thanks :), yes, own garden with own vegetables is a blessing. I'm also curious about your place where you live. Maybe one day I will be there.


Yup I think so, I live in Aceh-Indonesia, you must be here someday, I promise you would be satisfied around my province, ever here Sabang? That place the paradise island in Aceh, and if you love Coffee lets try hang out in Coffee gardening while drink a cup of Coffee in Gayo if some day you May be here @dominik.homa :)

The results of the garden itself is more beautiful and there is a special satisfaction that we feel.



Yes it's true. You can feel closer to nature too

Where is this, in Which part of the country ? My husband has Green house as well. Beautiful practice you do...Connection with the nature...


Hi @tatjanastan, south-east area

Awesome spring, I have an green house


do you have pictures of this house? I am very curious because this are also my passion.

Wow this is your garden...just mind blowing post.. thanks for sharing this post..


You welcom :)

der Sommer ist da, man merkts richtig

be grateful, whatever you do is the result of the efforts of your parents first, continue the family struggle and implement in the virtual world, then your parents are very proud of what you do today.


Thenks :) beautiful words, I am grateful to them, now even more


😊 May your parents be proud of you

very beautiful flower picture.
have a very lucky garden, we can plant anything including vegetables.
it's better to grow your own gardens than to buy in a vegetable vendor. this also avoids excessive use of pesticides. if we grow vegetables in our own garden, of course we use organic fertilizer without using pesticide.

whether you use pesticides to fertilize your vegetable crops?


Thanks :) No, only pure nature and organic fertilizers

Spring is nature's way of saying, 'Let's party!' Beautiful spring photos.

the vegetable without pesticide contamination is better for the fiber need to our immune system, that was awesome garden and the field @dominik.homa


Thanks :) yes it's true, only pure food is good for our body