#4 Beautiful spring 🌲🌳 ☀️

in photography •  9 months ago

Hello Steemians.

This time a little different area, more forests and hills. As in spring it is very warm, around 27 - 30 C. 🌶️

After three months of traveling, everything seems different. 🙄















See you ✋😊

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Hi@dominik.homa I love your photography! What is the country you took these shots in?

The seventh photo down has great contrasting colours I love it!


Awesome photos

very Beautiful view from the side that rarely seen others.

Where was it @dominik.homa ? It is very interesting to see the forest still green and the river also there as legacy for the next generations.


Hi @faizarfatria, this place is in Poland, subcarpathian voivodeship

There are every tones of green... But I wonder from where you took these picture from airplane?


Hi, I took these picture from drone ;)

Very cool, the weather in this forest area, Almost the same as my area of domicile, Aceh Tanah Gayo high plains with thick woods also coffee trees.


Hai @dominik.homa awesome photoshot always, The Forest seems so Green, is there the Kangoroo life in forest?


No :) in Poland we don't have kangaroos, these pic is from my area in Poland. We were back to Europe one week ago.


Ops..I think that one of your collection in Australia, Nice country too Poland, I just know Robert lewandowsky from Poland, he is good fotball player talent from your country @dominik.homa :D

The craze of drone photography is increasing nowadays. You have both drone and beautiful landscape, and result is beautiful landscape photography!

This is a great new photo art, taking photos from the top down.