What does modeling, singing, dancing, and being an actress all have in common? Trying to get people to look at you, to put yourself up on a pedestal. I'm not exactly the first person to discover these are stereotypical bimbo professions.

It likely involves something Freudian in nature where the dumber people are, the more they're mostly driven by animal instincts like reproduction, and if you can put yourself up on a pedestal like you're something to be worshiped, it's a way to try and get the "alpha-males" to fight over you, which aids in the natural selection process.

Nobody has complete free will, but some people have more than others. The girls in these pictures, you can just look at their eyes and tell there is nothing going on upstairs, and in that case, they function basically as biological robots and are more prone to stereotypical, predictable, deterministic behavior.

If you don't tell them their interests are vapid, vain, and horrible, and instead worship them for their bimbo behavior, you're subsidizing the creation of monsters. This is why western women are so bad compared to many other countries. Instead of saying, hey, you gotta stop doing this shit, people reward them for it.

Could you answer my question instead of going back to what you already think?

Do you think a male singer or dancer is exempt from your ridicule?

Do you think that human vocals are an inferior instrument to other instruments?

Do you think that the art form of dance, which is probably the oldest art form humanity has created, is inferior to painting or other artforms?

If you answer my simple questions so I can get a better understanding of where you are coming from, I can then go in to what you are saying.

You may think that I don't agree with you at all. That isn't the case. I don't know what exactly you really think, so work with me and clarify it by answering me.


"Do you think that the art form of dance, which is probably the oldest art form humanity has created, is inferior to painting or other artforms?"

I doubt anyone can accurately define what the origin of "dancing" is, but it's probably something to do with primitive, tribal type stuff involving war dances, celebration of war victory, etc. I don't really see it as art. To take it from that tribal level and drag it into some type of ballroom dancing thing seems like a distortion of it's roots and what it's function is.

This is why people are more prone to dance while drunk, because nobody even knows the point of what they're doing. Once you drag it away from those roots, it turns into more of some weird vanity thing of trying to get people to look at you and admire you. Women are more prone to this type of stuff, which is why most men in modern civilization either can't or don't want to dance really.

You can still see black people from "the hood" utilize it in it's native form doing things like overly excessive NFL touchdown dances that last 10 minutes in order to try and convince their opponents they are superior in the imaginary war, though. Or those Maori soccer people.

"Do you think that human vocals are an inferior instrument to other instruments?"

From an objective standpoint, if you're trying to encompass all music - probably, because anything can be classified as an instrument like reeds in a marsh or something whacking around, to the point where you could say white noise is music.

There's more variety since it's basically unbounded complexity in both analog range while also not being limited to human language. Voice is analog, but unless you're rambling incoherent stuff, it's going to be more limited and repetitive. It's like comparing an open entropy and closed entropy system. But that's only from an objective standpoint. Unless you take the stance the purpose of music is to be like some type of bard and express a specific idea.

Omg! Art is way different so is music and all art forms are ! This is in no way art! If you think it is then your crazy!

The comments you made to me are too deeply nested so there is no direct reply button for them.

I think we are going to end up agreeing to disagree so I'll just end the conversation here.

Essentially if you find that dance is not an art form, and the human voice is inferior to other instruments then we are going to go back and forth so much that this platform will end up not being a good place for it.

What I was trying to get out of you was whether you thought singing and dancing were worthwhile in general and specifically if it was just bad when women wanted to be singers and dancers or men as well. Anyway, good luck to you.

Until next time.