Sunlight or ray of hope ?

in #photography6 years ago

Sky has always something amazing in store for me.

This time it was Delhi skyline. Blue as sky.


Delhi is welcoming.


Nothing starts without coffee


Photo can talk @doctalk. I think not required much caption of good photos. Hope it was good and successful trip. Best wishes.

I am still in the trip. Delhi was welcoming and very hot. Rest all are quite good.

First picture is excellent. Its very hard to feel and take photo. Really its a ray of new hope. Thanks

Thanks for appreciation

i love your photography 😃

Starbucks mentioned your name in the glass.Is it their process?

Almost all coffeeshop does it now a days.

Then I am still oldie 👴

Needless to say, your captured was simply mind blowing !!! There I loved especially two photos: one is BLUE SKY and STARBUCKS COFFEE. When I was in Switzerland, I took the test. We will await to get more photographs from you. Have a good day !!!

Starbucks India coffee i am not that fan off. But a starbucks is always a starbucks.

Which camera used? @doctalk

As it's quite amazing results. I wonder how you took the sky one. From the glass of window? So clear!

Others also good!
Photos do has voice.. They are just silent described of situations...

Camera : Iphonex . Thanks for appreciation

Nothing starts without coffee.
" We know About This Speech Only For You"

For many like me too.

amazing photography. have a safe journey.

wow! i just wondering about the window veiw. 1 sky 4 color.

And those hands too. they are glittering like gold. In a word just awesome!

It is a ray of hope, because the sun gives life on earth,
Amazing photos @doctalk,
Are you in the plane at the moment?

I took it from the plane. I had to get down to upload it.

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