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My best wishes for success and prosperity for your business, where there is nothing we men of work and progress we leave prosperity. I feel a little curious about this kombucha, is it a plant? I'm going to Google it.


No, this is something other


I already look for kombucha on the net, I see that this has very good health properties. interesting.


@mastermagician is a drink that is used as a probiotic and functional food, which contains bacteria and yeasts that are responsible for starting the fermentation when combined with sugar. In short it is something like a black tea with sugars from various sources.


hello Dobartim, i read about this drink two weeks ego, and This drink is delicious and beneficial what i get to indicate more about its medicinal properties. It is interesting to know that "kombucha"

It is a very beneficial food for hair health.
Has been used to detoxify the organismo.
It is good to treat arthritis, due to the strengthening it produces on cartilage.
Improve digestion and treat all kinds of gastrointestinal problems.
Relieves migraines.
Stimulates metabolism.
Serves to treat kidney stones and ulcers.
It is beneficial for the vision .
Reduces the risk of arteriosclerosis and promotes cell regeneration.
It can also be used to treat all types of degenerative diseases.


I make kombucha Extract

Wow! This is awesome, dobartim!


Yes it is

In these days I saw several videos as Kombucha is prepared, a very nutritious drink and has many benefits, I know it as the elixir of life.


Yes it is

I was researching 6 months ago the properties and benefits of different plants, supplements, fruits, etc ... and among them was the Kombucha, a fermented drink that helps improve overall health.

*Contains a large number of healthy bacteria known as probiotics.
*Helps prevent a wide variety of diseases.
*Supports a healthy gut.
*May improve mental health.
*Protects the lungs.
*Antibacterial effect.
*Helps manage diabetes.
*Beneficial for the cardiovascular system.
*Great cleaner of the blood.
*Helps maintain a healthy liver.
*Have many vitamins (B6, B12, tiamina, niacina, B2).
*Anticancer effects.

Felicidades amigo y maestro @dobatim Te felicito por siempre estar queriendo ayudar a todos.


I am very sorry that in Venezuela you can not have the product, it would be very beneficial for me. There is no need to do to improve my health.