White Is White Challenge – Explanation And Rules Page

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This is the official page to link back to for the rules and explanation of this challenge. I created this challenge because I would like to see people stepping outside their boxes and photographing different things.

All you have to do is photograph something where white is a prominent color. I have included a list of subject matter for you to use. As you can see, Sunday is a day where anything goes – as long as white is prominent in the photograph.

I have no idea how well this will go, because there is not a rainbow of colors to remind you what the subject matter is for each day! So here's what I suggest:

Copy and paste the following into your favorite text document and print it out, or just keep it handy for a reference.
Monday: White Photographed Against White
Tuesday: Animals
Wednesday: Flowers
Thursday: Food And Drink
Friday: Architecture
Saturday: Water In Nature
Sunday: Anything Goes

The rules are very simple. You have only 4 things to remember!
Your own original photography only!
The image does not have to be all white
A link to this page so others can read the rules
#whiteiswhite tag

This is a photograph of whitewashed houses in the quaint village of Crail, in the East Neuk of Fife, Scotland

Camera: EOS 5DMark II
Lens: EF28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM
Camera Settings: 1/100 sec; f/20; ISO 1000
Software : Adobe Photoshop® CC 2017, Adobe Camera Raw and Nik Color Efex Pro

Image © Diane Macdonald. All Rights Reserved.
My stock image can be found on Getty Images

Thanks for taking the time to read this! I appreciate it.

Resteems and Upvotes are very much appreciated, and they are helping me to save for a trip to Tahiti, which my husband and I hope to make for our 25th wedding anniversary in 2019!

To find my photography and designs on Steemit, please search on #dianemacphoto and to check out my art prints and stock images, please visit my website.

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Wonderful wonderful picture I love the white houses! Thanks for starting this challenge I'm going to go look for something white! Have a beautiful Friday my friend

Thank you. Yes, it's a quaint little village in Scotland!

I love this initiative, greetings @dmcamera

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Thank you @oscarps!

that´s good is very interisting
i can to share you photographies if you need. bye

Thanks! Just post an image on your own page and provide the link here, so that others can read the explanation. I look forward to seeing your work.

Fabulous challenge - off to Andalusia in southern Spain I go hahaha only joking but wish I was there for this one 😉

Maybe you have something in your files? Architecture could also be a bridge or monument. :-)

Thanks yes I do have the odd bits of whiteness tucked away 😉

See! You'll come up with things! It's making me look at what I have already tucked away, and what I may want to shoot too.

Gotta find a white building, lol

Nice challenge, I hope to be able to participate

That would be great. I'm going to keep doing it as a challenge to myself, so if others want to join, that would be awesome!

I am IN!!! Great idea!

Great! I look forward to seeing your photos!

Nice!!! I was just thinking today how so many of my photos don't fit the current challenges...this will be fun.upped and steemed

I hope so! Everyone must have some images with white in them!

Exciting! Today is architecture, but, it has to be white on white??? I'm going to try this challenge! It will really help me stretch a bit!


No! There just needs to be a significant amount of white in it. Monday is white on white.

How wonderful... Am resteeming so I can remember this and for others to know about it too!! All the best! 🌼

Thanks! If nothing else, I will do it myself and it will give me a focus for a while.

Sounds like fun!

I hope it will be.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Great idea. White on white is not the first thing I choose - but there are already some great peaces around!

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White On White is only for Monday's post. It would be stretching it to ask for white on white every day, as many will not be able to handle that one! :-)

This is a cool idea for a challenge I will try to remember and start looking for shots suitable for the challenge and join in :)

Upvoted and resteemed

Thanks! Some will be easier to come up than others, but if you use Photoshop, you can always create the effect you want there!

Wonderful image Diane. Love the white walls with dark highlights and visa versa. I've just started to share some of my 'white' art pieces and images in some of the non colour challenges. Will be wonderful to share them in your #whiteiswhite challenge. Resteemed.

Thank you. That would be wonderful! I was hoping to stretch the challenge a bit more and to make people think outside the box a little! Will check out your work! Thanks for commenting. :-)

Pleasure. Anything that stretches us to go beyond what we would normally do is always so beneficial and I've always found to be so personally rewarding.

I've always, well it seems that way, loved white on white and it will be so easy to share some of my images on Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. The challenges for me will be Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Looking forward to participating now Diane.

Cool! Look forward to seeing your work!

Love it.

Hope you will join us.

Interesting challenge ^_^ Will give it some shots for sure ;-)

Look forward to that!

Thank you for creating this wonderful challenge Diane. This one will be a lot of fun too! The above photo...outstanding!

Thank you so much! It's a challenge for me too! 🙂

Brilliant... I´m already scanning mentally all my photos ;), cheers!

It is interesting to start taking note of how many photos have white in them as a predominant color!

That's what I was telling you... I'm posting my first entry in a while ;) Cheers!

Great minds think alike, eh? Thanks so much for participating. It means a lot. :-)

And thank you for the challenge and for being so welcoming! Cheers!!!

I hope it will just be a lot of fun as we are challenged to think a bit outside the box!

Yes, I guess so. I like that! :)

this is a great challenge, and I like challenges!

Thanks. Look forward to seeing your work.

An interesting contest! Just in time. Today, white and white from the snow outside the window)

@dmcamera I love this challenge. Going to participate. Thank you for this :D

Great! I am back in Scotland for a few weeks spending time with family, so am not terrible active at the moment. I look forward to seeing your posts, though!

@dmcamera Great challenge opportunity ..thank you so much!

I hope you will participate when you can. :-)

Is the challenge still active now?? I wanna join..:)

Yes. Today is the first day of this week's challenge. You can post every day, or even just once. It's your choice! Just make sure that the photographs are your own. :-)

Hi @cmcamera I have just discovered this interesting challenge and would like to participate from time to time. I hope to enter one soon. Thank you for this opportunity to find a place for my white featured images.

Cool. This post is old, though. You are still welcome to add the whiteiswhite tag, but I have also made it into a contest now with the wiwcontest tag. You can read about it here:. Hope you can join us.

Thanks @dmcamera I found that link. Just to clarify things, are the daily White is White subjects used foe both the challenge and the contest? Do you run them parallel to one another? I've just submitted a post for the contest so I'll need to look out for your post to add my link to it wont I?

You don’t need to add a link. Just Upvote the post you just read. That is important, because 100% of the SBD goes to the winners! If you want your image to go into the contest, just make sure that #wiwcontest is a tag. Yes, you can just add #whiteiswhite if you just want the image to be part of the challenge. I will only be looking at images with the #wiwcontest tag for the contest. You don’t need both tags for the contest. Let me know if you have other questions.

Thanks for the help @dmcamera. I did upvote the post I read yesterday but do I need to upvote it with each new wiwcontest image submitted? I don’t mind upvoting at all but my voting power is still at zero and I’d need to find your post again if I was to do today’s challenge. I’m saving heaps of links because of all I need to learn, then struggle to find wat I’m looking for when I need it. It’s a big learning curve but I’m really enjoying meeting new people and building my profile. 😊

You can only Upvote a post once. If you try to do it again, it will have the opposite effect and will downvote it, I think! So, only one Upvote is required each week n the new announcement page! I know, all the challenges and contests have different rules. LOL!

Oh I’m glad to have that one explained to me. I will look out for your weekly announcements and participate on a regular basis I hope. Have a lovely evening/afternoon. My day is just beginning. 🌞

Thank you for birthing this new daily color challenge on Steemit! @dmcamera! Upvored and resteemed!💯

Thank you. It's a little different, because white is always the theme - but with different subject matter. Today is Sunday - so Anything Goes!