So true we all live and learn, much I didn't know when I just started here.
But along the way we learn new things and how it works and what to do and to avoid.
It's sad that people are still claiming what's not theirs, making an effort is not to much to ask.
Hope you are having a great evening. It's late night here so I'm going to sleep soon.. Lol
Take care of yourself my friend 🤗

Oh, I have learned so much too and keep on learning. I love learning about new things, so hope to always be that way. That kitty by the way is my Tessie who passed away in June at age 19. She loved Christmas paper and boxes!!🐱🐱🐱

I know me to 😆 love to learn new things and improve. Life is a learning process 😉
Aww so she was one of the cute kittens you lost? 🐱❤️🐱❤️🐱 she is really cute and funny how she has her head down the box.. Lol such a character.
I understand that you miss her.
Tessie is a beautiful name.
Great memories with the pictures we have of our beloved babies 🤗

We named her after my home village in Scotland - Portessie. Will miss both of them getting into all the boxes this Christmas, but I know my son's cats will oblige! LOL!

That's cool, naming her after a village. Portessie.. Beautiful and then Tessie 🤗 love that.
I understand it will be hard now around Christmas and all without them putting heads down boxes and just be the wonderful characters they were. I feel the same way about Elvis its really a reminder now that his not here bugging me when I wrap the Christmas presents and he pulls the strings and steals the
But I hope we will remember the great times and have a blessed Christmas my friend 🤗

Yes, remembering the good times is important. It helps us to heal. Blessed Christmas to you too, my dear! :-)

It sure does my friend, heals the heart 🤗
Merry Christmas and all the happiness and joy to you and your family!

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