Original Photography And Photo Edit - Praying Mantis On A Tree Branch

in photography •  17 days ago 

Took this photo a couple of days ago in our backyard. This Praying Mantis was just hanging out in the evening sunlight. I was lucky to spot it as I was walking by, it was very well camouflaged. Very cool looking insect and you don't come across them too often. I was able to snap a bunch of pics of it and when it noticed me it started to slowly climb down trying to get out of sight :)


Did some digital editing to this photo, gave it some texture to make it look like a painting :)


Thanks for checking out my photography! :)

I can create gif

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Congratulations @dksart, Keep up the great work!

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That is cool that you spotted it and got this great shot of it
Nice edit to bring out the textures

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The editing has really sharpened the image and the texturing on the Praying Mantis and tree makes the image appear to be more detailed. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎