Blouberg at night[SteemitPhotoChallenge #48 - The Ocean - Entry 2+3]

in photography •  last year

Cutting it close for the photo challenge. Played around with some long exposures tonight(Really need to practice it more often).
All photos were taken at Blouberg in Cape Town, South Africa.

Entry Two:
ISO 100/50MM/F/11/25 Sec.

Entry Three:
ISO 200/10mm/F/4.5/30 Sec.

These two didn't make the cut but here they are anyway:
ISO 640/50MM/F/4.0/5 Sec.

ISO 100/50MM/F/6.3/30 Sec.

Hope you enjoy! And if you haven't given long exposure a shot be sure to try it out!

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I love those sparkles, it took me a while to realise what they were at first. Great shot, and congrats on the honorable mention!


Thanks a lot man!

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Good pix