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Sajak is a union name which is the largest union of Bangladesh, which belongs to Rangamati and Baghaichori districts of the country's largest district.
Rangamati is known as the Roof and located on the border of India's Mizoram, India's Tripura in the north of Sajak union, Rangamati Langdu in the south, Mizoram in the east, and Dighinalala in the west. It is 70 kms away from Khagrachari, and Khagrachhori distance from Khigrachala is 21 kilometers. However, the distance of Sajakake from Dighinalala can be able to find out itself!
The Sage Union consists of several villages.
The beauty of Sajak Vali / Sajak Tourism, which is made up of Ruoli Para and Konglak hills, was broadcast on January 30, 2015 in Khagrachari, Magazine's event "Etc.".
To go to this sage valley, Baghighat area of ​​Dighinalala has to go. On the way to the side of the road, the hilly beaches are seen as "a house in a house" That is, all the things that are inside a single house are seen in the house. Looking at these houses made of bamboo fencing, they have a glimpse of their extreme poverty. Sajak Tourism - The small children of poor families, "TA, TA", told that when the "Chhukku" driver of the Chadku Jeep, which runs from the different parts of the country, traveled 60 ° under the direction of flower speed. I'm surprised everyone has seen the kids in the street. Like the teaching method of psychology! These babies wear dirty and tangled shirts, Ushko Khuskow hair. Someone has no pants again, Nangta. Eyes are small, nose flattened.
The innocent children are still unable to understand that they are not getting the right to education, health, and food right. Do you educate them again or not? If educated, such as being conscious of culture, as well as being politically aware, can tell two sentences against deprivation and deprivation. So the battery is illiterate. Because they can be used as intended. Teenage prostitution 😌😌
On the way to Asa, those who entered the "girl" group from the children, they came into the house in the seagulls. It seems they're ready to go to a fair.
However, there is less scope for work than eating rice instead of zum cultivation in this region. This region is protected forests and. The way to cultivate vegetables, cattle goats, poultry chickens, which is less than the way they can. Because they have to be fed food. They will have food in their stomach if they have food in their stomach.
Everybody acknowledges that the other name of the water is life. The "life" or lack of water here.
I do not know where they are drinking water. It is impossible to place tube wells on this hill.
Maybe using small bush water. How much trouble it can bring from there. Many hardships to take with the help of bones by climbing big hillside. Yet they suffered.
If there is money, then there will be no shortage of them. As the Sagek Tourism and Army located in Ruili Para, there is no shortage of BGB camps. When it comes to tourism, this great luxury! However, this saga was the last year in which famine had emerged. It was cut off for a short time by the help of hill people and Chakma Circle and some hearty people of the plain.
On April 6, I came to realize that these difficulties came to my mind. Many people have to think about lunch after lunch after eating it.
There are Chakmas houses in Baghaihat area. And the residency of Sajayak Vali's Ruillui and Kanglak is based on Pankhwa, Lusai and Tripura. Sajak is said to have been there before the tour. Maybe tourism has to sacrifice their homesteads. There we can now rejoice, we can beat our faces and kill them. That is why the Kanglak hills of 1800 feet height may cry uninterruptedly. BGB and army camp in the north of the three hill districts are here. This sajake attacked Bangalis on April 20 and April 29, 2008 and burnt the houses. The name of the victim, Budhapudi Chakma, is involved in the incident.
Depending on the cultivation of zum, a house on the head of a large hill in this region, another house on the other side of the hill. The road that is currently transported by tourism is also risky for transport by car. What is unimaginable if emergency patients need to be hospitalized? Though there is less remote area than this place in our village, as there is still no electricity, drinking water problems, and health care is uncertain, these are the concepts of luxury that mean luxury. When I think about 7/8 in the night, there are dark houses in the houses here.
The literacy rate of this Sage union of 1572 square kilometers is only 21%. If we can just write our name in our country, then it is added to the eduction rate. So think!
See these pictures they live in villages. Where we got to go down the hill for a few minutes, they got there or made a village. How hard work is possible, brave!
After reaching the height of 1780 feet high Railui hill and 1800 feet high on the hill of Konglak, draw a sigh of relief from the lushai hills of India (from where the origin of the river Karnaphuli) realized the hardships of the inhabitants, seeing their struggles. They do not have to see these thousands of problems

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