A rare flower that only exists in my plantation.

in photography •  4 months ago

The weather is very sunny today in some areas of Aceh, a few days ago then the area of ​​Aceh is always surrounded by cloudy skies and thick black clouds.

Weather is very influential when some people choose to work outdoors and today I can see the sky is very bright blue.

I was in the garden today and I saw many dried plants. I am one of those who loves flower plants and I see a plant that does not have dried flowers.

Finally I can enjoy the flowers from beautiful today lol, finally one kind of this plant has flowers and flowers are very different and look older.



Do not be afraid to laugh, flowers are very beautiful and definitely you like.



Surely you will not find this unique flower in your area, because this flower is only in my garden and I am very happy to have this unique flowering plant.

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Is that really a flower?