A little shop with SSJ4 Gogeta :)



I'm glad you like it @dhenz.

Are you planning on doing a video soon? Would love to hear your thougths on the current situation.


I've done some steemmonsters and 1UP related graphics if you'd like to check them out.

I will do a video this Thursday. finally home.

And ya I would like to peep that artwork for steemmonsters

Lol! Nice...

A ray of light from earth to heaven....joining the two points...nice shot @dhenz👌

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It’s that a prediction we going to the moon in 2019 in cryptos 😬🤣

Haha nice one

As foreseen.

Holy [email protected] Spectacular how you got it like that. Thanks for sharing @dhenz

Looks like the way to Haven .....
Great shot 👌👌👌👌👌

Not sure how I captured this pic......

It has happened to me once before but sadly enough I lost the picture....

BTW, It's a beautiful photo man :-)

Wow! What is going on here? :)

This photo seems that the moon was sending a ray of light to cross the planet.

Awesome! Beautiful capture. Thank-you for sharing @dhenz ❤💜❤ #fullmoon #healing #moonlightoverwater

wow, that is really cool. I wonder if that is just how your camera handled the reflection. But no matter what, it is a really great capture.

"We come in Peace". haha!

Really cool click 👍

It looks like some huge dude in space is shining a flashlight on you.

Haha it does!

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Wao This moon looks so beautiful moon.Very impressive shot.Interesting photography.I really like it.

Truly that shot came out stunning beautiful view you had :D