Photography and Baybayin: Diwata Candies

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Good day!

You may be wondering what those written things are. Those are called Baybayin, I've been blogging about it since before.

Recently, I stumbled upon a font (.otf) called Matatas One that makes use of Baybayin and had the most proper implementation for a Baybayin keyboard font. It also looks modern but doesn't stray too far away from the original scripts so it's a bit easier to read than others.


Above is an unedited image of my photograph. It's of a can of Diwata Dark Chocolate Tablea Candies. It tastes wonderful by the way!

First, I used VSCO mobile to edit the colors and cropped my original image. Then I used Picsart on my phone to add the scripts. I opted to do editing on my mobile since I'm having trouble using Photoshop on the laptop cause of lack of RAM. Really need to upgrade this one.

There are 3 sets of scripts written on the photograph above:

  • Upper-right reads "Ang litrato ay kuha ni Deveerei" which means "Photograph taken by Deveerei".
  • Lower-left top line reads "Tsokolateng tablea kendi" or "Chocolate Tablea Candy"; Lower-left bottom line reads "Diwata" which is the brand name and literally translates to "Fairy".
  • Lower-right reads "Produkto ng Lokal" means "Product of Lokal" (Lokal is the company selling these, translates to "Local").

Photograph above were captured with a Fujifilm X-T20 and a Meike 35mm f1.7 lens.

Thanks for checking my blog!


deveerei new.png




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These are very lucrative.

yummy XD

Who were the people who used baybayin? Was it used in various parts of the Phils. or is it only concentrated in Luzon?


There are multiple variations throughout the Philippines.