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RE: Street art without streets | Iceland

in #photography5 years ago

Iceland appears like this everywhere? Loved the photographs. Between the wall art and twisted metal...very extraordinary. If you have Dan in all your photos, the authenticity shouldn't be problem, there's only one of him, right?


Iceland appears like this when you try to avoid tourist and turn a little bit aside main roads :)
Yes, I was using @irreverent-dan as a model even when he didn’t know about it hehhe. I’m sure you have seen the place already in his pictures here: Thanks for your comment!
PS Yes, it’s only one Dan, two would be too much, trust me ;)

Aside main roads are really the best places. Well done. Yes, I've seen his Iceland pictures. Beautiful.
To be honest, there is another Dan, and we have him:


Sorry, he has 13 other hens he takes very good care of.
P.S. I like the way the sun accidentally got caught in the middle of his back.

Hahaha! I like this Dan! :)) But understand, I have no chance :))

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