Our hands make beauties🍓

in #photography2 months ago


Seeing this photo makes me very happy. Knowing that I did this with my hands and that many loved the result, when we saw this dessert we did not even want to cut it from the beauty that remained. And in addition to beautiful delicious and this photo is a pleasure to look at.


Many strawberries and a delicious muslin cream that is prepared to delight the palate of those who try this delicacy.


Maybe it's not my best photo. But what if it is a photo that shows me in my best facet, making beauties with my hands and they are not only beautiful things but very delicious. It is so wonderful to be able to turn our passion into our work.


I remember that she was a great support in the classes and that day we both made that delicious dessert. Do you like Fraisier?

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