This is the largest lake in the Philippines! 📷📷📷

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Good day my Steemit friends and Steemit community,

I would like to share my collection of random photographs that i took earlier this afternoon. These images were taken using my Iphone 5s. I Hope you guys will like them.

Laguna de Bay

This is laguna lake or laguna de bay.. it is the biggest lake here in the Philippines... this lake is one of the main source of the freshwater fish here in our country...

it said that laguna lake formed due to a volcanic eruption hundreds of years before but until now they weren't enough proof to back up that theory...

early filipinos found laguna lake as their main transportation from manila to provinces like where I currently living today... (BINANGONAN RIZAL)

Some children like swimming after getting too hot by playing under the sun... it's like a habit for this kids that after playing they will jump and swim through the cold water...

Some kids catch freshwater fish while swimming and playing... there are some boats here too some use for fishing and some are use as transportation from binangonan to talim island.

i'm sorry guys If haven't posted for so long because of some health issues that i have... I hope you understand... but as soon as i feel healthy again I will try to post as many as I can... 😊

I love sharing stories with you guys... steemit people are so understanding and kind.. There were no bullies and bashers or haters... think how beautiful the world may be if it is like here on steemit...

This is my first time taking pictures like this and share it here so Please kindly support my photography as it inspires me to do more

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Beautiful lake


yes it is. :)
thank you

Interesting :)


thank you so much my friend @xaero1 😊😊😊
your upvote means a lot and it will also help me finance my son's speech therapy.
people like you are my inspirations why i love to stay here on steemit.. you guys are always there to help minnows like me.. once again thank you so much!

Nice photograph... Thanks for sharing


thank you glad you like it :)

Nice shoot from Iphone5s worthy to upvote friend.Were close Im also from Rizal.


wow thats so cool..
san ka sa rizal sis?

This is a good post, I really like it. Hopefully the next post is better than this. Thank you already share. And thank you too, If you get time, to see my post today and upvote and like it I'm very grateful.


ill try my best on my future post. :)