One Spooky Tree and Good Ghost Galore

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Well, I missed posting yesterday so today I will try to make up for that by presenting you with the post I had planned for yesterday and today combined to make one "spooktacular" post!

Warning - I'm being serious for a minute to say that when you get to the ghosts there are a couple with fast strobing movements that could affect you negatively if you have epilepsy so please use caution when deciding to proceed.

BEWARE! The photo I am about to show you could just possibly scare you out of the woods forever! That may be fine for some but there are plenty of us here that do enjoy a good tromping through the woods. So view at your own risk! 😱

One Spooky Tree!


Yes! I know it is a beautiful tree but also a little spooky! It looks like it is up-rooting itself to give chase to someone...anyone who may happen by! I will now present this same tree in a different light so to speak!




What? Not spooky you say? How about after dark?!


RUN!! You can try but you will most likely trip on a tree root or branch! The tree knows how to stop you! As you lay on the ground, looking up at the tree and it falls...on you and you are gone! Was it the wind? It doesn't matter because now you are just a ghost! 👻

Good Ghost Galore!

Get ready! Notice I use the singular "ghost" as it is just one but I did some edits and other little surprises that I hope you will like. I put some in collages so as not to bore you

Here is the Ghost



Some extra fun will be sprinkled in here and there!




This little ghost has got talent!




"Ghost Galore"...emphasis on galore!



Don't worry! It is a good ghost and is just here to slightly entertain you!




Feel free to laugh. You know you want to and it's good for you! The ghost doesn't mind!




Oh Wait! I do have one more ghost to show you but it isn't a human ghost! MWAHAHA


Sorry little kitty!

That's it folks! Hope you enjoyed my silly post! Be sure to come back tomorrow and say hi to "Mr. Pumpkinman"...he and I would surely appreciate it! 🙂


Disclaimer: No trees, ghosts or cats were harmed in the making of my little presentation. 😉





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What are you trying to scare me...


Awe...never!! Thanks so much @manorvillemike!! What a cute kitten! Have a safe and Happy Halloween! 🎃

Happy Halloween!
What a great post for Halloween, Dee. 🎃 👻
Love the edits. ❤️

Happy Halloween to you also Jo!! Thank you so much!! 😊 👻

Beautiful view

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Thank you very much @shuvo35!! 🙂

Happy Halloween, Dee!!! @deerjay 🍁👻🙀🎃😉🍁

Thanks so much Nina!! Hope you had a Happy Halloween!! 👻 🎃 😁

Thank you, Dee! We set a new record for coldest Halloween temperature, and not another record for not even a single trick or treater! @deerjay

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You're welcome Nina/ @ninahaskin! We didn't have any trick or treater's either..maybe next year I will turn some lights on. Lol..just kidding..about the lights. 🤣
Too cold already here and weather is calling for the even more cold this weekend. Time for soup and chili and more blankets! 😉