Spring in isolation. Apple tree

in #photography4 years ago


I am again online. How are you? What are you doing in isolation? This last weeks I started sorting my old photos. Beautiful memories come to me. I open again my favorite places and find lost photos and places. I have not sorted photos for 7 years, saved them from camera and make dump from mobile phone. I am glad to find time to do it. Well, let’s look something.


This photo made in my old garden. The tree in the pictures it is apple tree. It is spring may 2016 year. Garden located in Russia, near Great Novgorod city. The nature is very wild here. Beautiful flowers, wild animals and silence. In the evening you can hear only birds, without city sounds like from car, mechanisms, and people.



By the way, this apple tree in the autumn will give a lot of nice red apples, but about it later.

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