Autumn – means death?

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Many Europeans are hating their climate, sometimes, me, too. “Too cold”, “too hot”, “too grey, sad, depressive” – there is always some whining. At least, from November to March, approximately, depending on the country.
Me, the simple European guy, I really hate winter, March, and I hate late Autumn, but the beginning of Autumn is mostly really wonderful.
Here, in the middle of Europe. Grapes, apples, pears are seasoned, and the colours of the woods in October, early November – unforgettable.
I hate Autumn because I love summer, I hate the ending of my favorite season. Officially, Autumn begins on the 1rst of September, every year.
Pupils hate Autumn, especially at the beginning of the school semester, but they don’t know how happy they are in reality.
Jesus, God, Allah, Buddha, whoever, hear me, how very much I wish to be a pupil, or, at least, a student again!
Life always terminates, slowly, and death is one of the few certain things in the world. Autumn is, in a regrettable manner, also a symbol of death and destruction, or at least, agony.


But of (almost) every destruction, or death, surges a new life. Not only death is certain, progress, future, is also permanent, almost certain.
Don’t stay stuck in the past, look in the future. Please.


“Living in the past means being dead in the present” – I read some days ago.


(Somewhere in Europe. Photos are from 2017, camera: Sony Alpha, I think 500, a simple and cheap one, objective: 18-50 or 18-70, I can’t remember, also a cheap one)


beautiful nature

just like the way of life...

I love all the weathers because We can know the value of summer only if we have autumn.

Fall. Means you can only rise from here.

Winter is old age and death, Autumn is when you get to the midle age , the glory days and beauty start to fade away . Spring is birth and youth. Summer is when everything gets hot lol

Cada estacion tiene su propia belleza, la odias o la amas segun desde el punto de vista que la mires....yo simplemente he aprendido amar las cosas en su tatal naturaleza tal como nos la ha dado Dios

Sí, estoy muy de acuerdo, pero alguna gente ni sabe que diferencia hay entre las estaciones, depende de la región dónde vives. Adoro las diferencias.

"Living in the past means being dead in the present" I start this sentence with which you present, because you really are right, leaving everything behind makes nothing stop us from realizing the projects we think about and we stop doing ... we talk a lot and we do little ... that good publication greetings

I like all Seasons when the weather is as it has to be - according to the Season: Winter = Snow, Summer = Sun, Spring = Green, Autumn = Colors.

I actually love all seasons, but if I had to pick one that I like the least, it might be summer, because of all the heat waves, I prefer more temperate climates, like the climate where I live, I haven't found a climate like this one anywhere else yet.
I actually love autumn and spring. I call them the intermediate seasons, I think they're perfect and should last longer:)

Nice click beautiful... awasome..

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