Super Moon Photographed in Middelburg Netherlands

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*It was the 7th of April that my agenda told me there's going to be a super moon coming up the next night. I wrote that in there months ago, because I wanted to photograph the big shiny moon in the middle of the night together with my buddy @guchtere. From that moment on I had twentyfour hours to prepare...*

# Or not?

Feeling a bit stupid reading an article about the upcoming supermoon, I found out that the socalled supermoon supose to be there the 8th of April. Meaning I had to leave the house the night of the 7th instead of twentyfour hours later.

A little ashamed I called @guchtere to ask him werther he was prepared for tonight and ofcours he wasn't, cause I told him it was one day later. Fortunately he skipped his plans and joined me on our tiny adventure in the middle of the night.

Leaving the house at 3.00 am. feels fantastic if you're excited to what's coming. How ever if you want to photograph a supermoon, you need a clear sky. Atleast a little in front of the moon. Forcasts were saying sky would open and clear, but when I woke up that night it was mostly clowdy.

# Doesn't matter, it will get better

We hoped for the best, packed our bags for Middelburg and guess what? A lot of clouds! ☹️

This is the result of an hour and a half waiting for the moon to appear.

Middelburg at its finest:


Notice the photograph wizard in action:

Wouldn't the photo be perfect with the supermoon behind this tower:

# Splitting up

After our third cup of coffee we deciced to call it a day. The next supermoon will be here in 2025 so we'll have enough time to exercise and prepare.

Driving home I noticed the sky was clearing up a little as I passed by one of the spots I always wanted to photograph with the right conditions. That day it wasn't, but I still gave it a go. Let me know what you think. Atleast there's one moon to be found in my photo's.

*This is my potential great photo. An old farmers house sold out for the growth of the industrial area nearby. Lot's of dirty smoke coming out of those chimney's but with windmills right next to it to "compensate".*


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