🌋 Camping on a volcano, watching eruptions! ⛺️

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Volcano Fuego erupting at night

Volcano Fuego erupting at night

In the central highlands of Guatemala, near the city of Antigua, lies a volcano complex nearing 4,000m (13,000ft) high.

We trekked straight up to camp overnight on Acatenango Volcano overlooking Volcano Fuego, famous for being constantly active. Exhaustion, altitude and dehydration all played a part in the struggle to reach camp but it was all forgotten the second we saw our first volcano eruption.

We went into it with low expectations on seeing an eruption but as it turns out at one stage Fuego was erupting almost every 20 minutes. Each eruption was as exciting as the first with everyone yelling and cheering as it went off. The bigger ones caused the ground to tremble and sent red lava lighting up the sky before running down the side.

Explosive eruptions

Explosive eruptions

Falling lava

Falling lava

Watching the eruptions from camp

Watching the eruptions from camp

Daytime eruption

Daytime eruption

Campsite with a view

Campsite with a view

In 2015 my girlfriend and I quit work, packed our bags and travelled for over a year. This is part of a series of blog posts and photos that cover our adventures in Central and South America. - www.danielbowden.com.au/travel

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Eeeeeeek! I'm terrified of volcanoes, but those are some terrifyingly awesome shots. Well done.

Haha being from Australia, volcanoes were a cool novelty for us. However being that close to a live one is probably not something they would let us do back home anyway!

Impressive! this just landed straight on my bucketlist after reading it!

Absolutely recommend it. The walk up was tough but well worth it. Being from Australia all the volcanoes were definitely a novelty that didn’t wear off

Wow must be an amazing feeling!! the pictures you took are great !
I'm glad you got featured in the travel digest so i could disover your blog :-)

Thanks! I’m glad you liked them. I have some much longer form blogs posts too on each of the countries and have still many more to come.
The travel digest is great, I’ve discovered so much great content on there. Following you now.

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Wowww! It is my dream to see a volcano erupting. I was super disappointed when Agung (Bali) erupted only after I left :D most people don't understand me :D

Haha I know what you mean! We didn't want to set high expectations in case it didn't happen but it was erupting all night and was incredible in the dark night sky.

I bet! Lucky people :))

Hiya, just swinging by to let you know that this post made the Honorable mentions list in today's Travel Digest!

Thanks! That’s great, glad you liked this short one as well

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These are freaking sweet!!!! As a geologist I may be a bit biased but still. Awesome shots, and following your blog from now on!

Thanks so much. You definitely would’ve loved being there then! Following you too.

Were you just traveling or doing research in the area?

Just travelling. Ended up being 13.5 months away without a day of work 😁 but that ended up making it very hard to go back to normal working life afterwards...

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