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5 Minutes with the Chipmunk Whisperer | Backyard Habitat Photos

in photography •  2 years ago

Of the many joys I found working in my backyard habitat/garden, none were more rewarding than finding myself frequently surrounded by chipmunks.  The trust you earn with a wild critter so small takes time, consistency in behaviors and interactions.  My experiences with chipmunks went beyond adding a few extra piles of seeds in sheltered areas of the habitat.  I would sit for hours, camera in-hand, and watch them interact with one another....peacefully as babies, playing as youngsters, or fighting for territories as adults.  I had the good fortune to witness the debut of many chipmunk litters as they emerged from their burrows, with momma chipmunk keeping a close eye on them and an ear out for predators.  The momma chipmunks, who were already comfortable with me around, never hesitated in bringing the kids out of the burrows when I was near.  I was trustworthy in their minds.  Of course being the "dealer" of seeds, nuts and fruit never hurt my cause.  Enjoy these pics from my archives.

Momma and Baby

Adult Chipmunks Battle For Seed House - It was the out house alright.

Baby Chipmunk Discovers Strawberry

A Rare Moment Between A Pair of Young Chipmunks Being Nice To One Another

Priceless Pose - Debut of Four Baby Chipmunks 

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Super photos! I feed the squirrels, chipmunks and have a Starling that likes peanuts, they all provide entertainment for my cats who watch thru the patio door.


Thank you! I miss my habitat in NH....the chipmunks alone were worth every second spent watching.

These pictures are precious! I've just now started to sit the long hours trying to get the good "shot" of the chipmunks and birds. We've been feeding ours for a few years now so they are very trusting too:)
The "kissing" picture is my favorite. Have you ever considered making prints or cards out of your pictures? These pictures are publication quality...
BTW, what happened to your backyard? Did you have to move?


Thank you so much! I never really considered making prints or cards of them. Didn't think there would be much interest at the time. Chipmunks are very social once they comfortable with you. And if you're lucky enough to be around the babies when they emerge, it makes the transition easier. Yes, we moved two years ago....the habitat is the only I absolutely miss about the place. I'm hoping to create a new habitat here at our new home. We have the chipmunks, just need to create more shelter spots for them. Hawks are numerous here, as they were in NH, and so I need to give them places to run and hide... on the fly. (no pun intended.) ;-) Here's one of my #videochallenge entries of the chipmunks. https://steemit.com/steemit/@dawnmarie/videochallenge-1-or-animals-or-backyard-diners-and-dives-2-entry


I feel like chipmunks are long overdue for a revival in the public psyche. They're adorable and represent positive qualities like persistence, frugality, hard work and play:)
Did some of the previous "shelters" like the seed house survive the move?