I do! I mean, I am a little afraid of them, but they’re beautiful creatures. It’s weird how many people think they’re slimy. The reality is they’re incredibly smooth and dry.

They are beautiful certainly in some respects! The variation of phenotype is amazing. I think it's safe to say that ancient man has had many fatal encounters with snakes, so fear is likely buried deep in some of our DNA. Other people might have been on the protector/explorer/hunter side of things, which also could have major survival advantages. Thanks for stopping by!

Looks on their faces are priceless, great pic! @davidwilliams

I know! So funny.

I don't like snakes yukhhhh

Aw! They just want to snuggle!

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I can't say I like them, but certainly have a healthy respect for them!

Like em or not, they do their part to help us live.

Yeah I can't say that I am a big fan of snakes... I've had to hold a couple of BOA's before and It really was nerve racking. I've been out and photographed some garden snakes in the past and it made me nervous as well.

Is this you holding the snake or someone else?

I'm holding the camera. I have held hundreds of wild snakes. No big deal if you know what you are doing. This guy's snake was a pet, so even more docile.

I salute you for your courage. Personally, I have a phobia of snakes and rats .bravo MR @davidwilliams

I was a safe distance. But neither really bother me.

Nice and back to you.

nice work loving post you don on steemit people like your work very much.

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