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This photo reminds me of the way old timey comic books used to depict someone who was drunk. Lol.


I️ love German shepherds. Smart. Tough. Loyal. Gentle. Let’s do this.

In my opinion, hands down the best domesticated breed of dog for family life.

Agree 100%. Awesome breeds. O love all the German breed. Dachshunds. I️ have 2. Dobermans. Rottweiler. Dope

What a beautiful photo, you refer to me as talented, but you surpass me as a photographer, excellent capture I love bubbles, very original! Happy day friend!

You are too kind!

thanks friend Sorry for leaving links here but,
look this
my photographies too!!

He looked so amused. Great job, mate!

She had a blast!

That is too cute! Did he catch any?

She caught a few. Mostly just held her mouth open and wiggled. Like when I am trying to catch snowflakes on my tongue. Lol.

Charlee is a girl. Sorry for the mistake. I hope she's not too upset! She obviously didn't mind having her mouth washed out with soap, then! 😊

Hehe no worries. It happens all the time. Yeah it was fun for both of us, I think.

it reminds me of my husband's dog who passed away a year ago.

Sorry for your loss :( They don't last forever.

How beautiful, as it is called?
I tell you something I am an animal lover I have three beautiful schnauzers

3 times the love!

excelente post!

You are too kind.

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