Colour challenge | FridayBlue: Black-tailed skimmer - Part II

in photography •  last month

Another shot of a beautiful male Orthetrum cancellatum, commonly known as black-tailed skimmer, from a different angle!

This specimen was photographed in the Baixo Alentejo region (Southern Portugal)
PS: click on the image to see the photo in a higher resolution
Orthetrum cancellatum, male © David Germano | All rights reserved.
You can find the first post here

Cheers !

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Wow thats an incredible macro shot! I remember in childhood we used to call them as helicopter flies haha! Awesome job. Hope you crack the color challenge! I take pictures with only my phone. Check them out if you like to see some Indian action. Let me know what you think if you check. All the best to your growth. Keep posting and interacting with this lovely community of Steemians. Cheers!!!

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Thanks Sagar @smartphonewinks :)


You are welcome my man!! 😊

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