Black & White: Ferris Wheel

in photography •  last year

Black & White

“Ferris Wheel”

~ a Sony A77 and DT 16-105mm lens was used. ~


ISO 160 ~ f/3.5 ~ 16mm ~ 1/200 sec



Thanks to @papa-pepper for creating these logos for @daveks!

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I like your post, very nice, please visit my blog

Wow amazing photography


Great photography..... it’s awesome... thanks for sharing....

Awesome capturing. Photography is just a hobby that is internal. It looks antique

I like the B&W version, perhaps because there's something slightly nostalgic about Ferris Wheels which lends itself to an "antique" look.


It does indeed, thanks for looking!

Nice Ferris wheel shot... looks great in color and B&W!


Thanks for looking!

I just remembered my huge Ferris wheel ride, conquering my fear of heights!! Nice capture @daveks

when I see the rides photographed above it, it still makes me shudder I am very afraid of heights. and the picture is really nice


I’m not much for heights either. Thanks for looking!

This is very fun,
@daveks I just made my post like this, try to see.

Oh! This reminded me of ferris wheel photograph I took last year. I still have it on my phone. Yours looks so good. The photo I took looks so meeeh. haha

I like the BnW best on this one. Nice shot!


Sent you a message on chat a while ago..guess it’s down at the moment though.