Black & White: Bridge to the Rockies

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Black & White

“Bridge to the Rockies”


Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge



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Very interesting photo! I like!

That's a great pic, especially for an S7. You've got talent. Thanks for sharing!
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Thanks for looking!

this beautiful black and white image @daveks.
you take with a very good camera, and the results are perfect.

Cool! I can't believe it's a shot from Samsung S7 Edge. Smartphone camera is really becoming high tech as time pass by. I'm planning to buy digital camera now I'm confused what to buy.

It can buy a very good dslr for under $1,000!

Depends on what kind of photography you want to do. My preference (and something I need to do more often) is street photography and I've heard a smaller camera -- even a smartphone -- is probably preferable to a DSLR.

Also, it really isn't the camera that makes the pic so gorgeous -- it's the photographer ;)

a very beautiful bridge that can connect one area with another region @daveks

That’s really cool shot.. where is this place btw ?

I agree -- where is this or what's the name of the bridge or the mountain?

It was taken in Canmore Alberta and the mountain is Rundle!

Thank you! I live in Colorado in the foothills so I was curious :)

Will have to check out your blog!

Wow. Im like word "samsung s7".

nice photography of art

nice picture!!
give applause to the commentaries:D
this is a very good picture, to take pictures of this picture must have to have accurate skill,

*** Keep On Working! *** @daveks

your photo is good because the picture looks classic, where do you take the photo?

Was taken in Canmore Alberta!

daveks you photography and you art.. excelllent post

Black and white creates a strange dreams cape that color never can.
you pictures comparison are truly artistic

wow thats really amazing photography specially the second one.

You have such a great talent for taking pictures from mobile phone
keep it up

wow both photography are great photography.just looking amazing ...thanks for sharing....

Great shot, I can’t decide which I like better- the color or the black and white? Both so beautiful!

I like them both. Bridges have a fun perspective about them. Good work.

beautiful pic. Seems to be DSLR standard pic. You are doing wonder with your galaxy s7 keep sharing @daveks

I love how it looks the shapes of the bridge in the black and white shot, nice job!

nice shot i think i like the black and white one better :D

Congratulation @daveks !
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Nice composition. I prefer the B&W version.

wow outstanding

Świetne zdjęcie, bardzo dobra kompozycja.

Wow! nice post daveks

Thanks for giving the news.

 I like your post very much. Keep it up. Stay blessed be happy.

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