Black & White: Angles

in #photography6 years ago

Black & White



Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge



Thanks to @papa-pepper for creating these logos!


Good shot my fiend.

Nice photo. With a combination of buildings, sky and clouds. I really like to see the clouds on the glass. It looks like it penetrates into the sky, as if the building was transparent.

That building is an absolute beauty to photograph, thanks for looking!

Wooowwww. Amazing shot @daveks

Looks like angels in the reflections of the glass. Is this what you are referring to? I like to take shots including reflections. You never know what your going to get. Sometimes this surprises me later after I look a little closer and its on the monitor in clearer detail. There is also something about going into the city and taking a few black and whites of architectural or monumental works. I've laid down and shot strait up almost getting tramples and called names. Sometimes you got to do what you got to do to get that shot. lol.

I would do the same!!
Never thought of it as angels, but interesting observation!

Great shot. I like the b&w better !

dude thats a cool photo, I like how it captures the clouds in the sky and in the windows. good work buddy :)

Very nice, love the reflection off the windows :) Good work @daveks!

@daveks please I need such clear and bright camera. Your posts on this platform are great with good pictures.

Very cool indeed!!!

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