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in photography •  15 days ago 

Captured these photos on the way back from Banff, a few summers back. The skies looked so wild, I just had to pull over off the highway, and snap away. The air quality was down considerably, and made some of the hiking even borderline uncomfortable at times (although still worthwhile!).


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Sunset is beautiful. Nice photograph

That must have been very rough to breath in during the hike! But I'm glad you got a good view out of it, I think when I went hiking during heavy smokey forest fires I could barely see a thing at all.

For me it wasn’t too bad, I know it bothered others more though. Thanks for dropping by.

Smoking kills.... :D

Great set

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Heyyy, isn't this a coincidence... looks kinda familiar... lol...
Yup, same language! :D

Your photos of smoky sunset over the pine trees and the mountains are very magnificent. Great capture as always, my friend! :)