Best of Banff

in photography •  2 years ago


The first few photos are of the STUNNING Peyto Lake in Banff National Park, Alberta Canada! Perhaps this is the most beautiful lake in Canada? The unreal Turquoise color comes from the glacial water which contain "rock flour" particles, add a little sun and you get INCREDIBLE color!

Most of these photos were previously posted. I am reposting those photos in this "Best of Banff" series for the New users that haven't seen them yet, and honestly some of those posts just "Slipped through the Cracks" without being seen by many anyways!







Saskatchewan Sunset!


Thanks to @papa-pepper for creating these logos for @daveks!

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Nice photos!

Stunning! Enough to take your breath away!


Breathtaking indeed @whatisnew and thanks!

Very pretty place!


It's great isn't it @sissyspage and thanks for stopping by!

The 1st picture is phenomenal


@roshania the lake is a phenomenal place and thanks for looking!

Photos and sights are extreme but nice views in the eye, another photographed scenery but there are three figures that I have not known, whether your wife and two children @daveks ......? Sorry beforehand if i ask


Thanks @munawar1 and yes those are my wife and kids!


Ok, your wife and your two children I already know, there is another one I have not known, but his name is not so alien to me. Kir-kira how @daveks .... ??


@munawar1 I'm not sure what you mean?

Beautiful view of mountains and lake...its really amazing photographs...


It's an amazing place @bibek and thanks for stopping by for a look!


Thank for the sweet comment..:))

Wow. The view is really surreal. Seems like you had a good time


Yes the view is fantastic, hope to head out there again this summer @andrefalegan!

Beautiful shots and awesome lake


It's truly an awesome Lake @saqib and thanks for looking!

Beutiful pictures.. <3


It's a beautiful place @boricuapr and thanks!

That has to be the most beautiful lake water I have ever seen.


It's just incredible to see in person @halo and thanks for stopping by!

Foto yang luar biasa


Wow...!!! Cantik sekali pemandangannya ..

These gorgeous pictures brought back many wonderful memories! Thanks.


It's a very memorable place for sure @matt47 and thanks!


Thank you @prakashghai, appreciate you stopping by!

Magnificent place!


Magnificent indeed @tangmo!

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