Saskatchewan Sunset

in photography •  9 months ago

Here is another Saskatchewan Sunset, as always, brought to you by the

Land of Living Skies!


Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge




Thanks to @papa-pepper for creating logos for @daves!

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photography is very, very beautiful, friends can I follow you

Thanks for a nice entry one more time! It'll be one of the best under goldenhourphotography tag!


Thanks, I’ll have to try that tag sometime!

Very beautiful)

It's really wonderful photography of sunset. You have captured this very perfectly.
Thanks for sharing this amazing photography.


Thanks for stopping by!

a post that is quite impressive right, my permission to share your shipment,

Sunset alway inspiring. Amazing color seen in your photography

very nice @daveks resteemed

Man, that's some wide open space. Looks so free, nice work.


Lots of sky and open spaces here in Saskatchewan!

sky loverScreenshot_6.png

It's really very beautiful capturing of nature.

Nice Photo.....Its a very wonderfull photography..... nice job friends @deveks

Those clouds look like spaceships traveling the infinity! Beautiful :)

Beautiful Planet Earth @daveks

interesting what you can do with a cell phone, nice post @daveks, nice skies neighbour.

You Sure seem to have no end of delightful sunsets there ;)

Keep them coming