Saskatchewan Sunset

in photography •  5 months ago

Saskatchewan Sunset’s are some of the best out there, here is another, brought to you by the

Land of Living Skies!



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Thanks to @papa-pepper for creating these logos!

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Great to know how you called it means, Land Of Living Skies, and literally it's reflecting as an living sky and also reflecting as an great art piece which is created by the creator of this nature, and surprising thing about the nature is, every bit of creation of nature really express and we need the artistic vision to see those expressions, and i can see life in every bit of nature and whenever i need inspiration i always go to my garden to explore the art on the leaves and the artistic design and marks of trees, and it gives so much natural enthusiasm and we are really gifted with the magic of beauty and magic of natural colours everywhere.

First picture is so beautiful and so breathtaking and i can see this picture into three phases, phase of dark clouds, phase of beautiful emptiness and phase of mixed clouds, and in first layer we can see the lite sun rays which are coming out behind the dark clouds and center is reflecting as so pure and that emptiness is reflecting so beautiful and third and top layer showcasing mixed clouds (yellow, orange and dark colours) reflecting shattered beauty.

Thanks for sharing this post with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

Hermosa fotografía, hermoso atardecer.

I have a lot to learn to be able to take pictures as good as this

@daveks cool colours and infrastructure. The silhouettes seem so calm and motionless there.

That glow tho! like the heavens opening up.


It was great night for sunset viewing!

a very amazing light, this is so beautiful.

What is the name of the location ?


Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada!

Love the photo @daveks. I am getting to see why you live in Canada now :D it really has a different sky everyday.
With us moving over to the countryside we get to see views kind of like that every now and again. it just isn't as half as beautiful as this one


Thanks @artonmysleeve, someday you’ll need to see one with your own eyes!


I'd love to mate, I really would. I don't think I'd leave. when we moved here every night for a week I was outside looking at the stars, I think my neighbours might think i'm nuts, but I hadn't seen the stars in about 10 years. and that is an amazing thing to miss.
cheers @daveks

Wow!! This is amazing sunset. Like anyone draw it. Very animated. Thank you for sharing the beautiful photography.