Saskatchewan Sunrise

in photography •  2 years ago 

Here is another Saskatchewan Sunrise, as always, brought to you by the

Land of Living Skies!


Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge





Thanks to @papa-pepper for creating these logos for @daveks!

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This is so beautiful, the sun that comes out is very bright.
make this earth will be brightly lit.
Thank you @daveks for sharing.

It is indeed beautiful and amazing !

again you amaze me with your s7 shot @daveks.
this is really the perfection of a smartphone photo

Very beautiful photos

wow this is amazing your friend Very good at taking photos. my friend just made a post sunset, and I mark you, do not forget to visit the blog and give her support ya friend.

Beautiful sunrise @daveks

I might have to go to Saskatchewan this summer when I'm visiting AB - it looks so pretty!

That would be a good idea!

Anything that you can recommend? :-)

Amazing art Post thanks for sharing this photography I appreciate your blog....

Daveks is a Sunset lover :p


Guilty as charged.

Wow.. its beautiful. ☺

So pretty! Used to live in southwest Minnesota, and we had similar surroundings there. :)

Your sunrise pictures are always stunning! How early does the sun rise in Saskatchewan?

At the moment 7:30am, of course that flucuates!

when i am drinking my coffee for work the sun is rising but the skies change to fast it hard to get shots when i see a nice sun raise

really a good time to shoot @daveks, you very well do it


photography indah.tertangkap with good camera. I have not had a camera as daveks

Spring is coming...