the Daily Pic

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This is the Daily Pic

+ 2 extras!


Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge


(the Daily Pic 1st Runner Up photo!)


Rocky Mountains!


Thanks to @papa-pepper for creating these logos for @daveks!

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Nice car! Is this Corvette?

A Vette indeed!

Wow! Absolutely stunning photos :)

Thanks Alex!

nice photography!

Nice photos :)

Thanks for visiting!

Nice post and pic

Good photography!

That's a beautiful photo

The first one is gorgeous!

Appreciate that!
Thanks for visiting

Very nice daily pics.... I post daily pics too, except mine aren't quite so daily. 😅

Awesome picture mate...niceee

Glad you liked them!

Yaa mate...especially the first picture...keep on sharing ...

1st and 3rd pics are awesome. Pixel clarity is superb. Hey @daveks ill design a banner to your blog posts as i designed to blog posts for example visit my recent post , please drop me your response in the comments.

That would be neat!
I'll check it out

For example here is mine,



This is not a cat - it's the KING)))))))) Cool photos))))

I'll let him know!
Thanks @sokoloffa

beautiful pictures :) really fantastic.
keep it up .........!!

Appreciate your comments!

Thanks. ........!!

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Pretty cool pics there

Great! The daily pic
And mypictureday

nice pics

Gorgeous skies on the first one!

@daveks, you are the only steemian I follow specifically for photographs. Your photos are awesome. How do you do it? How do you locate the ideal spot, ideal time, ideal angle and other camera settings? I read that you are using a Samsung mobile for your pictures. Are you using any camera app like 'open camera' or something to get your picture perfect?.
Your photos are awesome always.

Well thanks for the kind words!
I'm constantly looking for something appealing, something interesting, something beautiful. I like searching for beauty. I do use iphoto and camera + for any editing.

Great post, thanks for sharing! I gave you a vote. I hope you enjoy it.

Beautiful photography

nice photos :)

Thank you!

Pics make me think "Good-Morning Sunshine".
I love the 'Vette.
The colors on the cat are cool.

Miaouu ! cool 😸

hello ! Resteem me and I will do Resteem your post !

Thank you for sharing this with us..