Saskatchewan Sunset

in photography •  2 years ago 


Here is another Beautiful Saskatchewan Sunset, captured on the same night as the last post and brought to you by the

Land of the Living Skies!


Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge





Rocky Mountains!


Thanks to @papa-pepper for creating these logos for @daveks!

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Absolutely astounding pictures, love it @daveks presume its sunset?

Saskatchewan Sunset!
Thanks for looking

you are a great photographer

Gorgeous sunsets

I. Think the one with the Cat is cool

Thanks Jay!

i follow you and you back pls bro

i am using s6 samsung has great camera :)

Samsungs are fantastic!

Very-very good you are this picture..

beautiful photos, thanks for sharing!

vary lovely photo i like this

awesome photography

Beautiful does not even do justice , this is absolutely stunning , so much power in the skies

The sky always has so much to offer!

Always Dave :) Steem on

Beautiful photo's, especially second to last!!

I can imagine how peaceful there. Hopefully i could visit there someday. Warm regard from Aceh Indonesia @razack-pulo

Yes indeed, thanks for visiting!

beautiful sunset..:). visit my profile i hope you like my photography and please don't forget to follow and upvote me... @daveks

Peaceful sunset scenes... Always good when the last of the sun's red glow is reflected onto the clouds :)

I love sunset
I love light and sea and blue sky more than sunset
the last one Rocky Mountains is great

I may agree with you!
Thanks for looking