#2 Follow me on an epic trip through the north of Europe

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last week I took you to the south of Iceland. A night featuring the aurora borealis.
Today I am taking you to the east of Iceland close to the airport. In March 2021 a fissure opened and a brand new volcano was born. The first couple of days, many adventurous photographers and hikers tried to get close to this epic scene. The search and rescue teams tried to install all necessary safety measures as quickly as possible. Whenever the wind changed it direction toxic fumes would cross the footpaths leading up to the crater making it impossible to access the site. Finally it all cleared and early in the morning I took my bike to cycle up to the closest point from where I hiked to the site, Many others were with me. As soon as we spotted this majestic phenomenon, we stopped, couldn't believe our eyes. A constant flow of lava bursting out of a crater creating a huge lake of magma, slowly filling up valley as it were a sink.

eARTh captured by davedavis

2021 25.3. Volcano (1 von 1)-3.JPG

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