Steam Garden the Steampunk Convention in Harajuku (Photographs inside)

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Japan is known as one of the biggest fashion capitals of the world. But, while many people know its fabulous cosplay, and anime sub-culture; few will recognize the popularity of steampunk in Japan. Steampunk is recognized within Japan as a fashion statement, and its not out of the ordinary to find one or two people dressed in the style when walking around Tokyo. In order to celebrate the style, and allow fashion designers to market their brand, Steam Garden was created. Hosted twice a year in varying districts of Tokyo, Steam Garden is the at the front and center of any fan of the genre residing within Japan.

Steampunk originated as a genre of literature, yet its influences have reached far and wide. From cinema to videogames and even fashion, Steampunk certainly has left its mark in the world. A world where steam became the foremost source of power and gave society a distinctly rustic, yet highly advanced technological feeling. The Victorian era influences also appeal to those who love dressing up in a suit and tie, or an elegant dress. Interestingly enough, Japan has also merged steampunk with an eastern feeling with the utilization of Kimono's.

As an interesting tidbit, one of the most popular videogames to be inspired by this genre is Bioshock. But, while speaking about it is interesting enough, nothing compares to the wonders crafted by these astute explorers of the retro-futuristic.


Pictures by U_aousg

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