My Strange Enchanted Garden

in photography •  9 months ago

I sometimes create strange garden areas with natural items I collect.
Old driftwood, a neat branch or stones are my main pieces. I am getting some areas ready and will post more in the coming days. Here are some samples in the mean time, I call it,

"Matter of Life and Death."

This is one of my favorites, it's an old hollow oak trunk I planted some succulents in. It fills out better at times, then dies back and starts over.

This one reminds me of a creatures head emerging from the forest. ![P_20180428_214034.jpg]()
I have yet to incorporate this piece of old wood, but I like it. It reminds me of a Klingon weapon. It has ancient written all over it, most likely because it is..... [P_20180428_214143.jpg]()
One of my favorite stones with some Ivy. I love vines. I plan on one day making a tunnel of vines walkway. ![P_20180428_214333.jpg]()
Thanks for looking, much more to come.
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Looking at your pictures, the phrase 'Method in madness' came to mind. :-)
Your garden is yours to create. Original is good. Natural is good. Work with what you have, what is available. Put your creativity juices to work. The more you create, the better you get.
Looking forward to see more pictures of your garden. Cheers!


Thank you!
I like to create using natural things, no garden gnomes or flamingos for me.
I repair things with little also, all I need is a stick and a string.


love our garden gnome
not as much as the moss does
as much as the boss
@darkpurplelight nice garden! 18eCSR0qXKsq_1371.jpg


Nothing wrong with them ....some of my best friends are gnomes!
I like that other thing, it has such character. Looks sorta like a moon face or something.
They feel Buddhistic!

Love a creative garden. Hey you have some crazy code stuff all round your images.. hate it when that happens to me! Bloody drafting, its a killer.