Matcha Whisk; Photo Subject of the Day #1/111

in photography •  8 months ago

My new "Photo Subject of the Day" series starts now.

The idea is to keep it light and allow the subject and conditions to be very simple. The sky is also the limit.

The world is filled with interesting subjects that often go overlooked. I am going to notice some of them now.

Today is day 1 of 111. I will do 111 total subjects of the day posts in a commitment to shake up and wake up my creative eyes. 

I love tea and was drinking tea with my girlfriend while I came up with this project, the first subject is tea implement - A bamboo matcha tea whisk.

 *All images shot with an Olympus AIR-01 Micro four thirds camera attached to my LG v20* 

Day 1; Matcha Whisk

Matcha whisk 1

matcha whisk 1 in B&W version

matcha whisk 2

matcha whisk 3

matcha whisk 3 color version

matcha whisk 4

Thank you.

Enjoy life, may your time here be excellent.

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Every aspect of the phenomenalogical world can wake us up in all its horror, beauty, or simplicity. Thanks for helping us see that.


Thank you kind sir. The whole world is indeed beautiful - I am on a mission to remember that. I keep forgetting, still so darn cold here in minneapolis. Blessing!

It looks like an abstract painting, almost! I love it!


Yah, I love abstract art. I don,t have space to paint much now though soon I would like to. For now it is photography. Take care!

I like this - amazing how things appear completely different (and very beautiful) when you properly look at them rather than just glancing


Thank you. Have a sweet day.

Really great @darkb4dawn. I have one sitting in my office and it's a real marvel to look at. I resteemed this on my page :)


Thank you very much. I hope you have an excellent day friend.

@darkb4dawn minimalist! Great capture.


Thank you kind friend!

Allready upvote nice photo

Many people forget with the beauty of this nature when they come out to look for a moment out there is quite a lot of beauty that is owned by this nature

Drinking tea with our girlfriend is fun while enjoying this universe

this is fascinating, i loved it


Thank you very much!

That's some lovely photos...

good i like fhotos you