Surreal Scenes. Antarctica

in #photography4 years ago

Part 19 in my Journey to Antarctica. If you enjoy the stories and photos, please comment and let me know!


Imagine you wake up one morning and the world is not what you believed it was. It's Narnia, Middle Earth, Westeros or whatever other magical place you want to conjure, but whatever this place is, magic is real.

Una's Tits. That's really what these peaks are known as.

This is what it was like waking up day after day in Antarctica. No matter the time, it was never truly dark. A glow was always present if it wasn't full daylight. The landscapes always seemed surreal. Like nothing on earth could naturally create the scenes before you, and yet, there they were. The water was too calm for an ocean, glassy almost, and the way it reflected the skies was just not possible unless you were on the calmest of lakes or a Hollywood set. It just didn't make sense, and yet, it is one of the most natural places on Earth.

Taken at 10:30pm. Still "sunset" light.

Antarctica, although in the not so distant past was farmed and abused for its whales, is now one of the most protected places on Earth. It's only because of it's pristine nature that it exists in the state it is, and when you put your feet on land there, you know that there is a good chance that you in the history of the human race, only the tiniest of fractions of humans have done the same.

Lots of penguin feet on antarctic land, though.

It's a magical place.


The mysterious continent.


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Incredible images! I feel transported to another world when gazing at these

Wow. That is truly some of the highest praise I can get for my images, as that is my goal. I want to bring the world to people to inspire them to explore it for themselves. Maybe one of these days I'll do an introduction of myself on here.

One day for sure I aim to get out to Antarctica, but for now I must live vicariously. Keep up the good work!

It really looks surreal! Unbelievable that this beauty exists!

And yet, it does!

Oh, I envy you so much for having that opportunity to visit such a beautiful place, @dandoval! Stunning photos you made!

Don't envy me! Instead, pack your backs and explore somewhere new for yourself and see the world for yourself, even if it's just something new a couple hours away! Thank you for the compliment, though, and I hope you keep following to see more of my explorations.

We with @rorxco are doing those short trips a lot, but we are moving to the next step for bigger adventures!

As a photographer i can say You are master :)

Thanks a lot! I really appreciate you saying that!

What a stunning set of photos, Dan! I'd love to visit Antarctica myself one day.

Thank you, Dan! I really think everyone should do it at least once in their life. I really think it gives you an entirely new perspective on the world.

Wow! These are some amazing and beautiful, pictures. Una Tits! Seriously! It really is a magical place.

I am speechless.................although I am more of a tropical islands fan, I think after seeing and reading your posts I am putting Antarctica on my bucket list of places to visit.

It is incredible. And you are an amazing photographer. Keep up the good work :)

I wish I could come with you. * __ *
I love photography and all your pictures (as the experience) are amazing.
Thank you for bringing me there with your eyes!
Best wishes!

gorgeous pictures, you are a great photographer!

great shots !! i wonder..witch camera you use?