Antarctica Away.

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Part 22, and the final post, in my Journey to Antarctica. If you enjoy the stories and photos, please comment and let me know!

King Penguins longing for the sea.

Parting is such sweet sorrow. Today's post wont be very text heavy, as there is no narrative to them, besides "these are photos I like". The photos themselves, as well as the captions that accompany them, will do the talking. I thank you all for joining me on this journey, and if you would like to continue to see such content, please just let me know with a comment. I don't ask for anything more than just a quick compliment, comment, or insult to let me know what you think. Having said that, if you think it's quality content, please upvote it and resteem it so that others can also be introduced to it.

I may take a break from my regular posting schedule to begin organizing images from the next adventure I'll share with you, but fear not, for I will return. That said, here are the images. Enjoy!

A pair of Blue Eyed Shags fly in unison.

A fur seal bobs it's head above the water.

Even Kings have to stand around and reflect on their lives (this is the only way to tell they are not vampire penguins, btw)

Gentoo Penguins and their young. They usually only have 2 eggs a year.

A Weddel Seal takes a widdle nap.

Why so serious? Injured seal doesn't want to smile.

Closest they get to flying, but they are quite amazing swimmers.

Camp Brown, an Argentinean Antarctic base.

Romance is in the air. The male delivers rocks to build their nest.

Obligatory "it's me!" photo.

Really hope you've enjoyed these. See you all soon!


It's an enjoyable story.I like your story.It's awesome...

I really appreciate your compliments!

You have clicked some awesome photos.
thanks for sharing it with us.

It really is my pleasure.

The are wonderful shots! I'm so jealous! ;D

Don't be! Make a plan and experience it yourself!

Did you go to the edge of the Earth and expose the flat-earthers? 😁 Upped

I went to the end and it was like ____________ as far as I could see. Alternative science ftw.

Awesome, I though you would just laugh at me 😜

You had a wonderful journey and wonderful photos with you. This is amazing.

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it!

You are welcome. You are also very informative.

Amazing shots! Really enjoyed your Antarctica series. Going there in the next few years, I hope :) Looking forward to your next adventure post!

Oh man, I can't wait to hear your experience there. Please message me when you do it! I look forward to hearing other people's take on it.

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Amazing photos @dandoval.
This place is on my Bucket list. :)
Thanks for sharing your pictures with us!

It should be on EVERYONE'S bucket list. So eye opening.

Wonderful shots!!! I´m really looking forward to the next pictures! Upvote & Resteem! ;-)

Awesome. I'm really looking forward to sharing the next series!

AWSOME photos @dandoval !!

I too am a photographer and as of now I am following your blog :)
Hope you check some of my posts, I have a photo diary from Amsterdam :)

I know it is not as exciting as Antarctica but I hope you will enjoy it :)

I'll take a look at it later. Thanks for following!

As a photographer, I can say, that this is awesome post :)!

Jaja. Awesome. Im really happy to hear that.

I've enjoyed your amazing series on your Antarctica adventure. Looking forward to the next. =)

Thank you! I really appreciate you saying that!

excellent post, I invite you to stop by my blog, greetings

this is awesome !!

Wow these pics are incredible.

How brilliant your pictures are :)

Just coming in at the tail end of this adventure - but those photos are majestic!

Hope you'll be there when I start my next one!

Absolutely - what do you have planned?

Aww!That seal in the water looks so cute. Amazing photography! I loved your work! Keep up the good work. :)

Thank you very much! I really appreciate the comments!

You are most welcome. Any new post coming up?

Amazing series, hope you had a wonderfull time. I love your photo's in #17, amazing colors. Hope to get there myself one day by sailing. I personally detest cruiseships ;D I love taking pictures myself. Feel free to check out any of my blogs. Greetings @steef-05

I completely understand the dislike for cruise ships, but going to Antarctica, it's one of the best (and only) ways of getting there.

Beautiful clicks! I really liked blue eyed shags. I followed you.your photography inspired me

Outstanding photos, a place I have always wanted to go to... I have upvoted and re steemed.

here is link to some of my videos:-

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