I would love to roll on that grass and just chill all day in that field. Very nice photo!

The fields here are very beautiful and open and when I have some vacation I wouldn't mind walking through the fields and maybe lay down as well hehe

wow! Blue, white and that green colours looks in perfect combinationi

Nice picture...

Thank you buddy !

You are welcome Sir..

Wow looks so greeny and natural view. Summer heat and the clear sky is making it look more beautiful. And i am also seeing a house in the corner of the picture. Is that your's?

I'm already following you from long time and your picture are amazing. You can view my profile too. You may like the article and the pictures...

This is not my house unfortunately. I would love to have a place like that one day :)

Hmm ya hope that that day will come sooner...

Beautiful shot! Love the colors! Btw, I finally got on Steepshot. I have no idea why it took me so long. Such a great app for mobile posting!

Thanks ! And same here it really has taken me a while, but I must say it's pretty Sweet ! Sometimes on Steemit you want to post a photo but it feels like you have to add a lot of text just to fill it up - with steepshot you just post a photo and your done :)

Hey very nice pic, my follow you have :-) Go on as well…
Maybe you like my pics too pls have a look...

Thanks buddy ! I will check them out

The scenery is very beautiful and natural atmosphere is still natural.

Thank you !

You are welcome, friend.