Did you like the movie "Invisible Guest"? There is a similar plan is called the "Body". Very cool)

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Did you like the movie "Invisible Guest"?

There is a similar plan

is called the "Body". Very cool)

For those who have not seen the film "Invisible Guest"?

Young businessman Adrian Doria is accused of murdering his mistress, and he decides to use the services of Virginia Goodman, the country's best lawyer. On the eve of the test, they are going to develop a protection strategy. But to find out the truth, Virginia will have to take unexpected measures.

For the director and screenwriter of the fantastic tape, this film became the first independent project. However, this did not prevent the film at the International Film Festival "Fantastic Holiday", which was held in Austin in 2016 to attract the attention of viewers and get good reviews. "Invisible Guest" (2018) will definitely attract fans of the genre.

Spectators who are well versed in the genre of world cinema, know perfectly well that Spanish filmmakers know how to create high-quality detective thrillers. There are also rich dialogues of the main characters, a bright atmosphere of what is happening and an intriguing story.

Adrian Doria is a young and very promising businessman, who every day was lucky not only in business, but also in his personal life. It would seem that in life a person has almost everything, a successful and prosperous business, a beautiful young mistress. However, in the midst of recent circumstances, a person faces a rather lengthy prison sentence.

Mrs. Doria was brutally murdered, and all evidence is shown against the main character. A man every day had fun with a young girl, indulging in pleasurable pleasures. Despite the love affair and constant entertainment, Adrian has always managed to hide his novel from a close environment. That's why the man was surprised by the accusations, because earlier no one knew about his adventures.

Nevertheless, the main character of the fantastic film "Invisible Guest" on this terrible morning woke up in a hotel room in the arms of a lifeless body of a mistress, although the person clearly understands that he did not commit a crime. However, the real facts point to the opposite, now Adrian is under constant house arrest in anticipation of an investigative result.

The businessman does not hope to help the lawyer, however the guy does not see any other way out. Good reputation and successful cases of the famous lawyer Virginia Goodman forced the main character of the film "The Invisible Guest" (2018) to turn to her for help.

The woman has repeatedly helped to solve serious problems for many authorities, so only Adrian will be able to help her. Despite the fact that the career of a professional lawyer is at the final stage, Goodman does not want to undermine his reputation. The woman is trying to do everything possible to help Doria, but the time for collecting information is not enough, and the accused party tries to pass all the evidence to the entrepreneur.

(trailer, source)

The film "Replace"

The film "Replace" is a German-Canadian horror film directed by and script writer Norbert Kyle, for whom this work in the big cinema has become almost the debut in his career. Actress starring Rebecca Forsythe also acted as one of the film's producers. A strained mystical thriller was to go to a Russian hire called "Replacement", a direct translation of the original name "Replace", but for some reason the distributor of AKM decided to localize the painting as "Replace".

In this story, a young girl named Cyrus suddenly discovers a strange and terrible skin disease. Throughout the body, her skin begins to change, dry, crumbles and grows. Doctors only make a helpless gesture, surgeons can not do anything. Modern medicine and science can not explain what suddenly began with a perfectly healthy and beautiful girl. But one day she manages to replace her skin with a stranger, and so the disease recedes for a while. Now, in order to survive, she is forced to hunt other young beauties, taking away the attraction to remain the same. The difficult choice and desire to remain always young and beautiful pushed the heroine to killings and cruel crimes.


(trailer, source)

Have a nice watching! ❤

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This movie is a true masterpiece! today you look so pretty and love your beautiful dress with outstanding hair style.. 👍 love your article my friend daio :)


yes the films are very good. I advise you to look.
thank you very much, I'm pleased to hear

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