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Norway | Paula + Marcin

Scandinavia is a place where the young people feel a great sentiment, which was an additional asset and it became an unforgettable experience for both them and us. They decided that they do not want photos in the wedding uniform, only .... Anyway, see for yourself ...

Pictures in Norway and time spent together have allowed us to see - our tender, photographic eye - that they have great friendship in addition to their love of love.
Outdoor in Norway showed the joy of marriage by Paula and Marcin.
When we arrived at the destination, we understood why they chose this place. On each side of the forest surrounded us with moss, and felled, evenly stacked trees only begged for a photo.
We spent a moment together in a beautiful place - mysterious and magical - the weather and the omnipresent fog intensified the impression that the Norwegian trolls would soon pose for our photos. We have some assumptions that they live at home, where the roof is completely covered with moss, and which has become quite an interesting range and place for pictures for our models. Mountain nature, peace, bliss, silence and spent evenings together is just a substitute for what we will always associate with the photo session in Norway.
Collecting memories, saving them in the pictures, we capture the moments that are most important to Paula and Marcin. We hope that the Bride and Groom will often return to the photos we have made for them, and we are looking for a few days off in our calendar to return to the place where we were invited by Paul and Marcin to the open air in Norway. Maybe we will be the first to "catch" the forest troll in the frame?

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