So I am finally back !

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Hello Friends!


So actually I am back for some time now at my home ...but I felt and feel very numb ...this contracts have taken a big mental stress on me ...
I try to snap out of this feeling and to be honest I think that sometimes is better not to feel nothing at all.
I would like it to just work without feeling nothing...maybe just satisfaction for a job well done.
But then again is like falling into an abyss and feel that I lost myself ...


it is the holidays and New Year is coming....maybe it will be a far better year...So let us look on what I did in this last contract on board Celebrity Equinox.
In 4 months I had time only 2 times to go outside and ...just walk so I tried to use my time for good things:

  • a trip with the submarine
  • a trip by car in Santa Lucia

This is the video with my trip with the submarine

It was about 200 m deep or 656 feet so it was not so deep ...


We started by going towards the submarine with a small boat.


I seen only few fishes...maybe they were sleeping...but it was a good and fun day.


We caught on camera a wreck that was down there at the bottom.



The views were kinda blurry but still it was nice.




Second trip was with a small car on Santa Lucia as you can see in this small video:









During my contract we did have some other funny events...


Here we have been in Cozumel and our captain, Kate, she bought some mucha lucha masks for us.


Now here was an interesting event that we made for her birthday and also as a -Thank you- because from now on she will be the captain for another vessel, Edge.





These were the most beautiful and fun events from my last contract . I hope that 2020 will bring new and beautiful gifts for us all!

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I am Cynetyc and I thank you for spending few minutes and reading my article!

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So unless you don't mind the downvotes and really want to promote your content, not buying votes is the way to go.

Anyway, welcome back!

Just to reiterate, agree it was a nice post and I downvoted it only due to the high amount of purchased votes.

A submarine is the most interesting thing that can happen to a person. I would be so lucky. You have an interesting life. And I also hope that the new year will bring more joy to all of us. Good luck in the new year!

Yes nice one

Thank you very much @magnata, I hope that too!

Wow wow your wonderful experience that you enjoyed with the team team is truly my vision. If I could enjoy you, I would be happy to be a friend Thank you for watching such beautiful picture scenes.

took you some time! WB

Yeah during my contract I did not write ...but still I have plenty stories to tell..

Welcome back sir @cynetyc after long time later. Really we miss you. Great trip with the submarine and by car in Santa Lucia. I enjoy the amazing scenery. Thanks a lot for sharing your amazing moments with us.

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Much appreciated @msena, thank you!

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Hey man welcome back , superb photos nice trip !

Very vivid pictures man , love them !

Love the photos and the journey, relax, recharge your batteries...this is all you need.

Yes I will try to relax and recharge my energy ....I am working on different project now but I will try to relax also.

New here and my first read on Steemit! Nice article too Cynetyc. Hope to see the insides of a submarine someday.

Hola @cynetyc, bienvenido, al parecer fue ruda tu temporada, bueno ya estás de vacaciones, relájate y después nos contaras y te reirás. Aun así se ve que tuviste buenos momentos.

Well yes indeed i had some hard times but I go in the new year with big hopes. Happy New Year!

Welcome back my friend!

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Genial que ya estás de vuelta @cynetyc, ese paseo en submarino es increíble, todo está súper, gracias por compartirlo con nosotros.

Beautiful place

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Hola muchacho @cynetyc, lo que no te mata te fortalece… Qué bueno tenerte por aquí en Steemit nuevamente, espero tus vacaciones no sean tan cortas. Buenas fotos, momentos así no se olvidan.

Hola amigo @cynetyc, eso del submarino esta insuperable, y esos restos de una embarcación en el fondo del mar, son cosas que las viven muy pocas personas, me alegra saber que lo disfrutaste, gracias por compartirlo.

Larga jornada estimado @cynetyc, bueno amigo a relajarse que ya casi termina el año, y es como dices, el que viene será mejor.

Merecido descanso @cynetyc, recobra fuerza porque en horas tendrás mucho que disfrutar… me gustaron mucho esas fotos, una gran experiencia… Bueno amigo te deseo un año nuevo de renovación y bendiciones, y mucha mente positiva… “FELIZ AÑO NUEVO”

Hey man, very cool picks, looks like an awesome crew. Hope you had a great time travelling and working and welcome back to steemit

Oh! sir your long time work in steemit. great work and excellent photography. its good enjoy.
Thanks @cynetyc
Have a nice day

very beautiful...

Que tal amigo @cynetyc, me alegra saber de ti. Por lo que leo, mucho trabajo… ya estás en casa eso es lo más importante, buenas experiencias esa que muestras en las fotos y vídeo.

Hola @cynetyc, excelente que todo va bien. Espero hallas disfrutado las navidades y descansa ya está por terminar el año así que hay que disfrutarlo.

Welcome back! We've made it through another year and decade. Happy New Year Cynetyc.

Thank you for taking us along in your journey. 200 is not deep at all, but its still significant considering scuba divers cannot go down further than 130 feet.
I bet it was quite the experience down there.

Great post!


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Great to see you back after such a long time missed your posts but great to see you had a fantastic time exploring with work ... happy new year :)

Espectacular post. Congrulations.

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Tienes razón @cynetyc, en ocasiones tanto estrés hace que hasta las cosas buenas parezcan simples y sin valor. Pero bueno ya prácticamente termino este año, Te deseo un año nuevo de éxitos en todas esas metas que tienes planteadas, gracias por compartir tus vivencias.