My Book is now free (for a short time) and a small barbeque at my home...

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Hello Friends!

my book image.jpg

So what is

My small poem book is out now on Amazon Kindle FOR FREE.

Yep you read correct it is free so hurry up if you want to read it because it is only for a few days .

Here is the link to the book:

Down there you will see a buy button, press it ( it is free) and you just have to open the book :


Press read now on cloud reader and you are all set to go.

If you done the process in a correct way you will see:


Please send my your feedback , did you liked it ...not liked it...or any other ideas .
This book was done on my contract on the sea on the Vessel Celebrity Equinox

But now I am home with my friends and enjoying some well deserved rest time...



Unfortunately I cannot use the swing because my cat takes all the space...



As soon as I arrived home I contacted my friends and made a was a very hot summer day but it was a day to remember.





Well that was it for today I am Cynetyc and I thank you for reading this post!

Cynetyc Throphy.jpg


I sure will get my copy

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Thanks @cynetyc for sharing the link will check it out and have a great day : )

Much appreciated @blazing!

Quite cozy your house @cynetyc I hope you enjoyed this barbecue...

Yep It was a hot day but I had a lot of fun.

Hello @cynetyc a well-deserved break, I'm glad you published a book, enjoy it...


very good post!

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Great writing sir. We should be aware about environment because now only we are the main enemy of environment. Anyway we should change out habit. Anyway your house is also very beautiful. Lovely cat sleeping. Everything looks fine. Have a great day sir and thanks for the free book on Amazon.

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Thank you @msena , much appreciated !

A great book, moreover, such books are needed by people. I'm glad that you have everything well and you deservedly have a rest with your friends.

My most cordial congratulations for the publication of your new book friend @cynetyc, good enjoy that rest...

Thak you very much @tiababi!

Wow this is great enjoy. its great photography sir.

Cool man I love it , it is a good book, for sure I will be more careful about the environment now!

Thank you very much @mindlock in it I put all my ideas that was just floating around in my head.

O.o for free? Very good @cynetyc I will read it now!

Ha ha, that is very nice to hear @fevronia, you will love it!

Very beautiful book @cynetyc, well done !

Thank you very much @vasilis69!

It was very cheap any way but now maybe people will try to read it. I read it and I must say I like you style ...I mean the metaphorical type of speech that you do and the -lecture- on human society, I just love it . I did not expect for it to be so good!

Thanks @xardas for catching my small -ideas- that I sprinkled throughout the book.

Have you any info about canabis roots ???

Sadly is just a poem book ...

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Greetings @cynetyc congratulations for your book, for the next one they already know you and you will only do digital marketing to promote it...