I am going to the sea again to start another contract

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Hello Friends!

So another hard time has finally arrived....

I have to go to another contract on the sea. Every time when I go to the sea I feel like I am drowning inside.... I cant eat I cant sleep until I arrive there on the vessel.
Many people say that in time it gets better...well for me is not like this ...rather is always the same.
The thing is that I do not have a choice and in order to have a life I have to work on the sea.
I really hope that the day when I do not have to go to the sea will come and I can finally be happy and live my life.
An Important event will happen on the sea now...on 6 Th April I will be 31 ...getting closer and closer to 40....what a treat...
But I have to stop my ranting ....I think that me myself and I are a logigal person that realises the importance of having a place to sleep, and food to eat....
These are the only things that keep me ...basically alive...

I have to keep working on the sea for now .

And So I prepared myself and I said what is done is done...and let's make a good job and return in safe condition.

I went for a walk or two with my friends and I tried to relax hopping that when I return I will see again my friends.


I walked around and I tried to relax and have a little bit of fun....


a..the stick is to scare of the dogs because o well...it was a mildly dangerous area.


Overall I relaxed little bit and I can say that I am ready for my contract.

Thank you all for coming here and I promise that I will do another post as soon as possible.


I am Cynetyc and I will see you next time ! Cynetyc Out!

Cynetyc Throphy.jpg


That going to be great contract

I hope so too I will be working on a cruise vessel on the Caribbean sea.

Buena jornada, y tranquilo, no quieras cumplir 40, solo vive tus 30.
No quieras retirarte para no ir más al mar, simplemente disfrutalo.

Piensa que es la forma de generar tu ingreso y gracias a eso eres feliz porque te permite vivir bien junto a tu familia...

No vayas contra al corriente. disfruta lo que haces.

Búscale lo bueno, lo bueno es que regresaras a casa a disfrutar de la tranquilidad y el amor de tu familia.
Recuerda, que también puedes disfrutar de esa familia que tienes en el mar, por ese tiempo. Disfruta de ellos.

Vive la vida, disfruta el trabajo, sé feliz.
Deja que el tiempo pasa y todo lo demás llega en su momento.

Gracias @marisolana!
Thank you very much for your kind words!

Awe just reading your post one can sense your unhappiness. Sorry you have to do something you clearly don’t enjoy. It is good though that you try to enjoy the time with loved ones. Wish you all the best for the 4 month voyage and hope you return to your home safe.

Thank you very much @cheft !
I will do my very best to complete the contract in safe conditions and even post my progress here on Steemit.

I have seen your post-video in full. You have a lot of hands. I think you'll be back soon.

HA ha ha thank you @delightful2 for seeing my video too....I want to improve step by step and even make cool edits

Nice Photography,I enjoyed your posting video completely, I think your post is very great.

Well we will miss your posts but work is work and its the first priority i hope you have an amazing time :)

I will do my very best to continue posting and share my stories from the sea.

Best of luck for another journey for your life.will miss you .
Love you brother...

Best of luck brother for another journey of your life. will miss you bro.

Thank you so much @abdulmanan !
I am so sad to leave my home again but I think on the time that I will be back ...and it will be summer.

Yeah, it is always sad to go away from family and friends :( but we need to it for them , for their better future :(

siempre es triste la separacion familiar aqui en mi pais venezuela en cada hogar falta un familiar en la busqueda de un mejor porvernir saludos excelente post

Nada es mejor que salir de la monotonía diaria y despejar la mente con las maravillas naturales de nuestro hermoso y sometido planeta.

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Thank you @steemitboard that is very nice!

Wow excellent photography and really look.
thanks for sharing
100% like and resteem

That is great travel experience. so wonderful place.
thanks this post sir,
have a nice day

Thank you very much goldcoin!

I always keep waiting for your post because your posts are very nice and interesting, like I Like Your Post.

Great video I enjoyed your video. You have a lot of hands-ons I think you can post each of your posts.

Much apreciated thank you.

Be well my friend, safe voyage and hope to hear from you soon

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Thank you very much my good friend @xardas!
I will be so happy when I return because it will be summer and maybe we can go fishing again .

I wish you the best and easy contract !

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Thank you very much @felysummer !
I will do my very best at my workplace and I will try to keep posting here on Steemit!

Congratulations on the attitude. That's the way to talk, kid! Surely better times will come and you no longer have to do the work you do not want ... Try to enjoy it and if you don't, keep trying. Have a nice trip!

I will do my very best thank you.

Wonderfull photgraphy.thanks for sharing this post.

So how long will this contract will last sit ? and when you will come back ?

It will be for about 4 months this time but I will try to continue posting here on steemit as many times that I can and often. The work is hard but I will make time !

I loved all the pictures!

Unfortunately, life is not so simple, and in order to live decently, we need to work. In the end, this is not the worst job. Thanks to it, you will see more and more new things on our planet. Good luck

Yes @serkagan and I respect every person who struggles like this ...keeping up a family and going to a foreign country to earn a living.

To share a nice beautiful photography, I think your posts are always beautiful and I enjoy it a lot.

Wao very amazing and great photography. Your looks so beautiful and handsome. You are so enjoying your trip. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you very much for appreciating my work @asadchughtai!

Wow !!! That's a great photography I appreciate your post..

Hey dear I like your every post..and I appreciate your post also..
Keep it up ..

Thank you alot @shucona!

I am sorry that now young people have to work far from the family. In our country, in order to earn money, people leave for the capital to work from other cities. Wishing you all the best

So very true @magnata!
I live in Romania and many people leave Romania to go to Spain as farmers for example, UK, USA, Germany many of my friends went to work retail jobs there.
I work on the sea and it is a job that can make you feel very lonely and you want to reconnect .
Thank you so very much @magnata for your support!

How beautiful this is your photography..I appreciate your post

To continue your activities..

Thank you @mn-najmul, much appreciated!

That's a absolutely great photography to provide in this platform..thanks for sharing

Thank you so very much @mira-moni!

Adventure is a part of life and all people like this..
So best of luck for your traveling..

Thank you @beautybox I appreciated it !

Your every post so very informative and this is attractive.. really I love it..I will wait for your next post..

I remember your posts with photos where Alaska and others are fantastic photos. I was even jealous of your work. You saw the world. This is a great life experience. I think everything will be fine

I will do my very best and I will post many more photos from my travels!

Great photos

Be of luck while on the sea just try and enjoy and appreciate you job. I wish you all the best my friend @cynetyc

Thank you very much @obest, much appreciated!

Pada suatu hari nanti anda akan bahagia,,saya salut sama kerja keras..

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Nice Photography, I always like your posts, this post is very nice.

Мы за тебя морячек!!! Поменьше тебе штормов !!!
Побольше улова по жизни!!! Успехов !!!

Best of luck for another journey for your life.will miss you .
Love you brother...

I will do all that I can to keep posting on the sea !

Hey how are you ??
I will wait your post..now your post see and I am happy now..thanks for sharing your valuable post..

Thank you very much @farhana-yasmin!

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