Alaska a Truthfully Magical Place. Places that I visited.

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Hello Friends!


So In my previous post I wrote about my journey on the sea and also I showed some highlights of the places that I saw


I had many jobs to do but in the same time I tried my very best not to lose any chance to make a photo and so I made many many photos.
Many of the photos that I taken I took from my small trips outside or directly from an outside deck from the vessel.
What is special about this next photos that I will show to you my audience is that are professionally made and I think you can spot the difference.

The photos are made by the vessel naturalist with a long scope camera.
I am very happy that I got this photos because they are amazing .
All this places represent Alaska and the best moments that we caught on camera.

So let us start our presentation !

The Northern Lights


Here we were of course in Alaska and the time was about 2 am we called the captain and the naturalist and they made a lot of photos.


I am so happy that I got this chance to see this views because these are once in a lifetime opportunities.


Sometimes I felt so stressed and.. when I look at this photos I fell so happy, because I have a story to share not only to you but to my family also.



Wild life

Alaska (1).jpg

Now in Alaska there is a large variety of wildlife from bears to otters, to whales .

Alaska (2).jpg

Maybe you ask : Why there are so many whales in one place? And the answer is very simple : They are catching salmon as it was the perfect time for this.

Alaska (3).jpg

Alaska (4).jpg

Alaska (5).jpg

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Alaska (8).jpg

Alaska (9).jpg

Alaska (12).jpg

Alaska (15).jpg

Hubbard Glacier


Now on our itinerary were 2 major points that we traveled to and we seen a lot of amazing things.


First place was called Icy Strait Point were we could see all the wildlife from my photos up and the second one was called Hubbard Glacier.


Hubbard Glacier was an amazing place but in the same time a dangerous place.


When navigating here all the bridge team and sailors are on high alert.


We had to watch out for the most dangerous pieces of ice that were in our area as we approach the glacier.


This place, Hubbard Glacier was formed by the continues snow that created layers that were on top of each other and became frozen solid thus creating frozen blocks of ice. The most important ones were blue-white ice and black-white ice, to be honest all of them were important because sometimes what is up is not necessary what lies bellow.

And that was it for today and as I end my post here I would like to wish you all a fantastic Christmas and ...

Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas 🎄 😃 you're going to celeberate xmas without family? Hmmm I'm still amazed after seeing first photograph first I thought it's an edited version

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Thanks @xawi and Merry X-mas to you too!
I am now home and going through all my photos that I taken during my contract.
The first photo was shot with a drone and the others with a long scope, I am lucky to have this photos from the ship photographer and naturalist .

Great review, my friend and I, looking at your photos, I understand how beautiful and diverse the world of Alaska is, especially the amazing northern lights! Thank you @cynetyc

Thank you @serkagan I am glad you love and appreciate my work.

Amazing photos. I think one such journey has changed your life forever. I wish I could see it with my own eyes. Thank you for the wonderful photos

Thank you so much much @magnata!
I caught some amazing moments that I will never forget.

Glad to see you are enjoying every moment of your journey.
By the way you are getting younger and smart ;)

Thank you very much @abdulmanan for your kind words, much appreciated.

Wow @cynetyc there you can find a lot of beautiful views, you have the best office in the world i mean while you work you can enjoy with the wildlife or have fun with the aurora borealis. Regards

Thank you @dim753 I am very happy you liked them.

Oh yes @cynetyc, your voyage in Alaska showed me a lot of interesting and beautiful places. Amazing nature and animals look amazing on your photos!

Thank you @megafart, much appreciated.

I am amazed by your photos. These are whales, bears. Alaska fabulous country. Thank you for sharing @cynetyc

My favorite friend, previous year Christmas, you organized the competition and I got the first prize there. Now you will organize a competition on this Christmas

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Yeah ha ha why not?

I was thinking to make this years competition on 7th of January ...So if you want to participate get ready with some photos of you and the Christmas tree .
I will make an official post soon on my blog and announce the competition.

I am waiting for the day of 7th January and I will definitely participate your contest

if i ever had a chance i would love to visit there for sure beautiful
Merry Christmas 🎅🎄🎁

Thank you very much @blazing and I wish you a fun time this X-mas!

Lovely pictures they are that you have shared. It must be fun there. Merry christmas friend

Very beautiful places there @cynetyc thank for sharing with us!

A very nice place indeed @cynetyc! My favorite was the Glacier, well done man.

wow that look like such a cool place

I imagine that it was a trip too good, in the images you can appreciate the nature in its maximum expression

the northern lights and gathering of whale must be an amazing sight !

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Such a beautiful place, I must say. I love nature, and I am so happy that wild nature still exists in abundance. I would love to travel to Alaska. One day I will :)

¡Incredible photos and place!

Amazing Alaska!
Hope you had an amazing Christmas there!
Thanks for sharing your photos. :)

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